Eccentric Beekeeper Sampling Syringe and Purging Wand

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The Eccentric Beekeeper Sampling Syringe and CO2 Purging Wand are two simple devices for sampling/purging through a 3 piece airlock and for purging any sort of vessel, including those with a small opening, with the goal of minimizing oxygen exposure. These were discussed on Milk The Funk "The Podcast" Wiki Kwiki Episode #003.

CO2 Purging Wand

The CO2 Purging Wand can be hooked up to Cornelius type gas ball lock connector. The stainless steel tubing is available on Amazon. The drive regulator is optional for allowing a very precise flow rate of gas, and can also be used with the Eccentric Beekeeper Bulldog.


Sampling Syringe

The sampling syringe is made up of the same stainless steel tubing attached to a 100 cc plastic syringe with a small section of 1/4" ID, 3/8" OD plastic tubing.

Build and demonstration:

Demonstration with Sanke fermenter (for the sanke Fermenter build, see Sanke Fermenter):

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