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Sanke Fermentors are a relatively cheap alternative to purchasing a stainless steel conical fermentor. A brand new Sanke Keg and a Brewers Hardware Sanke Fermentor Keg Kit can be purchased for $200. Compare that to $640 for a similar sized Blichmann.

Advantages to fermenting in a stainless steel Sanke

  • Safer than a glass carboy
  • Little to no light or oxygen exposure
  • Harder to scratch than plastic
  • Able to be safely pressurized for transfering with CO2

Types of Sanke Fermentors

Parts You'll Need

Special thanks to Eccentric Beekeeper for this information.

Brewers Hardware Sanke Fermentor Kits

  1. Legally Obtained Sanke Keg
  2. Brewers Hardware Sanke Fermentor Kit

Sanke Fermentor With a Waterless Airlock

  1. Legally Obtained Sanke Keg
  2. TC20CLAMP 2" Tri Clover Compatible Clamp $7.00
  3. TC20FER14AMP 2" Tri Clover Compatible Ferrule - Long $8.50
  4. F1GASSIL Silicone Flat Half Gasket for 2" Tri Clover Compatible Cap $2.00
  5. Breathable Silicone Bung $8.95 , Barrel Fermentation Lock $5.95

Sanke Sizes

Keg dimensions

Name Sixth Barrel Quarter Barrel (Pony) Quarter Barrel (Slim) Half Barrel (Full Keg)
Gallons 5.16 7.75 7.75 15.5
Liters 19.53 29.33 29.33 58.67
Weight (Full) 58lbs / 26kg 87lbs / 39.5kg 87lbs / 39.5kg 161lbs / 73kg

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