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Notes for the coolship calculations:

Volume of the coolship, in L, can be calculated by multiplying length*width*height (all in cm) and dividing this by 1000.

The three surface area:volume parameters given are as follows:

1st SA:V column: SA:V, top min. Named this way as it gives the minimum possible exposed top surface area to volume of the vessel. Since the vessel will not be filled to the brim, this is actually an underestimate of what the wort will experience. This parameter is calculated by multiplying L*W (in cm) and dividing by the total volume of the coolship in L (see above).

2nd SA:V column: SA:Vol, top estimated. The is the estimated actual exposed top SA:V, taking into account the fill level of the coolship. This is calculated by multiplying L*W (in cm) and dividing by the batch size (in L) of the brewery.

3rd SA:V column: SA:Vol, total min. This estimates the total surface area to volume (accounting for all 6 sides) and is a theoretical minimum estimate for the same reasons as column 1 (it uses theoretical maximum coolship volume, which will be greater than the actual fill volume). This is calculated by the following, with linear units of cm and volumetric units of L (for coolship volume, see above): (H*L*2 + H*W*2 + W*L*2)/(coolship volume).