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Bruery bio needed.

Quality Assurance w/ Jessica Davis of The Bruery || 2015-11 || Fermentation Nation podcast talks about Jessica’s background with Stone & Miller/Coors highlighting some of the difference's between working for a Macro brewer and a Micro brewer. She also discusses some of the various aspects of Quality Assurance in relation to differences between clean and sour beers. Jessica tackles several listener inspired questions and talks about the different strains of yeast The Bruery uses in their sour beers. To top it all off she gives us the grain bill for one of the most popular sour beers The Bruery makes; Tart of Darkness! Lastly she shares a few of the beers they have that contain viable bottle dregs to use in your own sours (spoiler: Tart of Darkness happens to be one of them!). Starts ~50 mins in.