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Milk The Funk ®

Brett Saison from Brandon Jones at Yazoo Brewing Co. and Embrace the Funk

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Milk the Funk (MTF) began as a Facebook group to get homebrewers interested in more advanced and “funky” topics talking on March 6, 2013. Since its inception, Milk the Funk has become a communal body of information and data on alternative yeast and bacteria fermentation with an emphasis in alternative brewing techniques.

The Milk the Funk Wiki aims to provide a more data and evidence driven narrative on alternative yeast and bacteria fermentation with an emphasis in alternative brewing techniques. We also aim to provide industry knowledge by providing commercial brewing specific techniques and brewery bios of breweries experimenting in the same subject that wish to participate. This Wiki is a constantly changing work in progress, and information will be continually added as it is received. YOU are what will make this Wiki successful!

See Who Are We? for more about the Milk The Funk group, and who contributes to this wiki. Beginners should check out the FAQ and Getting Started.

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Regarding Referencing Style

Our general practice is to provide references for information presented on this wiki. We will cite scientific publications or other reliable published sources when possible. However, due to the nature and current status of this craft, there are various potentially helpful sources of information that are not or cannot be peer reviewed or sometimes even published, including experimental data from brewers and "garage" scientists. Because of this we occasionally reference the personal experiences of our members, citing either blogs and other online articles, or posts on the Milk The Funk Facebook page. We leave it to the reader to decide whether or not the information from such references is valid. (Note that when a reference links to the MTF Facebook page, wiki readers will not be able to access it unless they are members of the group on Facebook.) We encourage readers to apply a healthy skepticism, and encourage MTF members to challenge suspect claims with sound scientific evidence.

We generally use Wikipedia's inline citation method of referencing. Specifically, we use the full numbered footnotes style, otherwise known as "Shortened notes". Hyperlinked numbers will appear inline as superscripts following a sentence or paragraph, and will link directly to footnotes at the bottom of the page which list the full citation. Due to the limited number of wiki editors and the limited time that they volunteer to write for this wiki, references may not be formatted to a scholarly standard, but they should always give enough information so that readers can easily track down the references themselves. If a particular sentence does not have an inline superscript number reference, look for it at the end of the paragraph or after successive sentences. Feel free to contact the wiki editors with any questions or concerns regarding any references.

Contributors of the Wiki - Please Read

When creating new pages or adding to existing pages, think about why you are creating it and if the topic/page you are introducing should be included in a more general topic.

Just a tip. We don't want a bunch of little bits and pieces of information scattered far and wide. So, give a little thought and plan your page creation(s) well. Please read the Wiki Page Format and Structure Standards.