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Our most current content is available on MTF Live.

Milk the Funk “The Podcast” talks about mixed and alternative fermentation of beer, wine, mead, and cider. “The Podcast” is an extension of the Milk the Funk Facebook group and wiki, where you will find the most up to date discussion on the science and techniques of mixed fermentation.


Below is a comprehensive list of other podcasts that focus on brewing sour and wild beer.

All About Beer Podcast

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Wood and Barrel Aging for Beer 2023-05 The All About Beer podcast interviews Brandon Jones, Joel Stickrod, and Augie Carton.

BasicBrewing Radio

Title Date (year-month) Notes
GABF Coverage with Andy Sparks - Pt. 2 2005-10 Interview with Vinnie Cilurzo about wild brewing.
New Belgium Brewing 2006-10 Interview with Eric Salazar and Peter Bouckaert about La Folie. Peter expresses his dislike of categorizing beers into styles.
NHC Coverage Part Three 2006-08 Interview with Raj Apte about his "one-dollar" homebrew barrel" with an oak dowel.
Offbeat Yeast Part One 2007-09 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire on Brett/sour beers.
Offbeat Yeast Part Two 2007-09 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire on Brett/sour beers.
Turbid Mashing 2008-07 Interview with Chris Colby.
Sour Mashing 2008-09 Interview with Chris Colby.
Beer Blending Experiment 2008-12 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire.
Fermenting in a Keg 2009-01 Interview with Chris Colby.
"Spontaneous" Fermentation 2009-04 Interview with Jason Perkins from Allagash.
Yeast Ranching 2009-09 Interview with Greg Pietsch.
Solera Brewing and Barrel Aging 2009-10 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire and Nathan Zeender.
Barrel Aging Update 2010-12 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire and Nathan Zeender.
Berliner Weisse 2011-03 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire.
Brett-Only Beers 2011-05 Interview with Don Osborn on 100% Brett beers.
Spontaneous Homebrew 2011-10 Interview with Ken Valley.
Sour Blend Experiment 2012-01 Interview with Matt Becker on blending beers made with commercial and homemade sour culture blends.
Solera Tasting Pt. 1 2012-03 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire and Nathan Zeender.
Solera Tasting Pt. 2 2012-04 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire and Nathan Zeender.
Sour Mash Berliner Weisse 2012-07 Interview with Sean Coates.
Sour GABF 2010-10 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire, Chad Yakobson of Crooked Stave, Jason Yester of Trinity Brewing, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing, Patrick Rue of The Bruery, and Christopher McGarvey of Front Street Brewery.
Cantillon's Jean van Roy 2013-05 Interview with JVR by Phillip Lamb. Contains thoughts by JVR on why he doesn't join HORAL, and on how cooling rates might affect spontaneous fermentation.
Fossil Cove Sour 2013-08 Interview with Ben Mills of Fossil Cove on a sour mash beer.
Sour Solera Project 2013-10 Interview with Ethan Tripp on sampling 6 month pulls from a Solera and comparing them side by side.
Two-Year Sour Experiment 2014-01 Interview with Dan Pixley aka Dan ABA on youtube on small batch sour brewing and smaller Soleras.
Sourdough Beer Experiment 2014-02 Interview with Karl Kornfield about brewing beer with a sourdough starter yeast.
Brewing and Blending Gueuze 2014-03 Interview with Chris Colby on Gueuze brewing techniques.
Prairie Artisan Ales 2014-03 Interview with Chase Healey on his then up and coming funky brewery.
Hoppy Brett and Pasta Sour 2014-04 Interview with Gail Williams on experiments using Brettanomyces to preserve hop character and adding pasta to sours for starch contributions.
Michael Tonsmeire at Club Night 2014-07 Interviewing other homebrewers who brought sour beer to the 2014 AHA Conference.
Open Fermentation at Arcadia Brewing 2014-07 Interview with Vaughn Stewart on open fermentation and repitching yeast for many generations.
Funky Apple Blossom 2014-08 Brewer Nathan Traw of Apple Blossom Brewing Company shares some funky beers, including one fermented with sourdough starter.
Post-Bottle Critter Dosing 2014-09 Interview with Dan Kuczmarski on dosing high gravity brews that didn't attenuate with Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus.
Sour Beer and Wine Hybrid 2014-10 Interview with James Sites on blending sour beer and wine.
Mad Berliner Weisse 2014-11 Mad Fermentationist Michael Tonsmeire joins us to share homebrew Berliner Weisse brewed with rhubarb and lemon.
Mad Weird Fermentations 2014-11 Interview with Michael Tonsmeire on several different souring techniques.
Kriek: 3 Step Fermentation 2015-01 Interview with Matt Miller on his blog article about his technique for producing sour beer in about 6 months.
Sour Beer Cider Hybrids 2015-05 Homebrewer James Sites shares two tasty brews that are blends of sour beers and ciders with fruit.
Vinnie Cilurzo at NHC and Small Batch Lagering 2015-07 Vinnie starts talking about spontaneous fermentation at around 17 minutes. He discusses preferring fresh barrels from the winery versus barrels that have wild bugs in them.
Barrel Progression Experiment 2015-08 Father and son homebrewing team, Nick and Curt Kiest, share their experiment aging a series of beers in an eight gallon oak whiskey barrel. Begins with clean brews, and ends with a sour beer. Mentions parafim waxing a small barrel.
Sour Small Barrel Strategy 2015-09 In part one of a two-part series, homebrewer CJ Shamus shares tips on using small barrels to produce sour beers.
Small Sour Barrel Strategy Pt. 2 2015-11 Homebrewer CJ Shamas returns to share beers from his small sour barrel program with James, Steve and Andy.
More Sour hybrids 2016-03 Homebrewer James Sites shares another round of his tasty sour beer and wine hybrids fermented with his own house sour culture, including experiments with Oenococcus oeni.
NZ Sour Panel 2016-04 In this panel from the New Zealand Homebrewers Conference, pro and home brewers share advice and experience in brewing delicious sour beers. Panel includes brewers from MOA Brewing Company, 8 Wired Brewing Company, 32 North Brewing Company, and Chris Colby.
NZ Kelly Ryan of Fork and Brewer 2016-06 Roving reporter Will Gallaspy from 32 North Brewing Co in San Diego picks the brain of Kelly Ryan, brewer at Fork and Brewer in Wellington, New Zealand, about sour brewing. Kelly has a background in microbiology, and this interview is yeast and bacteria-centric.
Collaborative Flemish Red 2016-07 Christian Layke, brewer at Gordon Biersch's Rockville Maryland location, and Mad Fermentationist Mike Tonsmeire work together on a tasty barrel-aged sour.
Tonsmeire Funky Honey Beer Experiment 2016-08 Mike Tonsmeire, the Mad Fermentationist, shares an experiment around his dining room table splitting a funky beer batch and adding five different honey varieties.
Grisette and Saison 2016-08 Homebrewer and beer historian Dave Janssen talks about grisette, a tasty obscure Belgian style, and how it relates to saison.
Hermit Thrush Brewing 2016-10 Chris Gagné of Hermit Thrush Brewing in Brattleboro, Vermont, talks about brewing beer with only wild yeast he's harvested from the environment.
Hoppy Sour Beers 2016-11 Mad Fermentationist Mike Tonsmeire shares his techniques for brewing tart beers with lots of hop character, and he samples three interpretations from James.
Brülosophy Boil Experiments 2016-12 Marshall Schott and Malcolm Frazer from Brulosophy.com share their experiments: the effect of keeping the lid on during the boil and not boiling a Berliner Weisse.
African Palm Wine 2017-02 Homebrewer Ryan Deaver joins us to talk about spontaneously fermented palm wine he researched in the west African country of Benin. See also the original MTF post by Ryan Deaver.
Earthbound Beer 2017-05 Stuart Keating gives us brewing tips and explains why his brewery brews beers described as the "smallest and weirdest" in St. Louis (gruits and sour ales).
Home Lab Yeast Analysis and isolating and propagating yeast and bacteria. 2017-07 Zack Taggart, lab manager at 42 North Brewing, tells us how to set up our own homebrew lab to analyze yeast health and count cell population (part 1) and isolating and propagating yeast and bacteria (part 2).
Ozark Beer - Berliner, Bucky, and BDCS 2017-08 Ozark Beer founder, Andy Coates, and head brewer, Jesse Gagnon, talk new building, yogurt-soured Berliner Weisse, Buckminster Fuller-inspired beer, and Bourbon Double Cream Stout.
Imperial Organic Yeast 2017-08 Owen Lingley, Jess Caudill and Jason Stepper from Imperial Organic Yeast talk about their fairly new company and answer questions from listeners.
September 7, 2017 - Olvalde Farmhouse Ales 2017-09 Joe Pond, founder of Olvalde Farmhouse Ales, talks about brewing rustic beers based on local and native ingredients on a Rollingstone, Minnesota, family farm.
November 30, 2017 - Lost Forty Barrel Beers 2017-11 Grant Chandler from Lost 40 Brewing in Little Rock shares some delicious beers aged in barrels and brewed with fun ingredients, such as honeysuckle, strawberries, and locally harvested yeast.
February 8, 2018 - American Solera 2018-02 We visit American Solera in Tulsa, which was named Best New Brewery in the U.S. in 2016 by RateBeer, and talk to founder Chase Healey about hoppy, fruity, and funky beers.
July 12, 2018 - Cascade Brewing 2018-07 We sample delicious sour beers at Cascade Brewing in Portland, Oregon, with Head Brewer Mike Mathis and Lead Blender Kevin Martin.
August 2, 2018 - Pichia Apotheca Hybrid Yeast 2018-08 Dr. Maitreya Dunham of the University of Washington joins us to talk about a new yeast hybrid her lab has isolated from an open fermentation beer. Tim Leber and Norm Kwasinski share mead and beer brewed with the yeast.
September 13, 2018 - Fal Allen on Brewing Gose 2018-09 Anderson Valley Brewing Company brewmaster Fal Allen talks about his new book, Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era.
September 27, 2018 - Spontaneous Sours Hopping Rate Experiment 2018-09 Homebrewer Caleb Buck of archaicpursuit.com shares some delicious sour beers and startling early results of his sour IBU experiment.
August 8, 2019 - Mike Tonsmeire Meetup 2019-08 James and Steve sit down with the Mad Fermentationist to talk hoppy beers, sour beers and Sapwood Cellars.
April 15, 2021 - Wild Meads 2021-04 Jake Gorton, brewhouse manager and packaging director of Groennfell and Havoc Meaderies, shares five techniques to use wild microbes to ferment honey.

BeerSmith Podcast

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Brett and Sour Beer Brewing 2011-06 This week we talk about methods for making sour and wild beers using Brettanomyces yeast (Brett). Brett is used in many sour beers styles including Lambics, Gueze, Oud Bruin, Berliner Weisse, and others. My guests are Drew Beechum and Nathan Smith – both of whom have done extensive brewing using Brett.
Sour Beer Brewing with Mike Mraz 2012-07 This week my guest is Mike Mraz, an award winning homebrewer who joins us to talk about brewing sour beer styles. Mike will tell you how to brew those distinctive sour beers like Belgian Flanders, Lambics or Sours at home (video).
Brewing Saison Beer with Nathan Smith 2012-11 This week Nathan Smith joins me to talk about how to brew the perfect Saison or Farmhouse Ale. Saison is a light, refreshing beer that is highly drinkable and Nathan shares his secrets on how to brew a perfect one (video).
Wild Yeast Beer Brewing with Booth’s Homebrewing 2013-12 Francis Booth and Leslie Deppert from Booth’s Brewing join me this week to talk about making beer with wild yeast. Wild and native yeasts are used in many Belgian styles, and Francis and Leslie share their experience brewing beer at high temperature with wild yeast (video).
Sour Beer Brewing with Michael Tonsmeire 2014-07 Michael Tonsmeire joins me this week to discuss his new book “American Sour Beers” which was just published by the brewer’s association. Michael shares some great tips on brewing sour beers including both ingredients and techniques (video).
Brewing Sour Beers with Michael Dawson 2015-07 Michael Dawson, former cohost of Brewing TV joins me this week to discuss brewing the perfect sour beer. Michael shares some amazing tips for quickly brewing a Berliner Weisse as well as Lambic in this special episode recorded at the National Homebrew Conference in San Diego (video).
Barrel Aged Sours with CJ Shamas 2015-09 CJ Shamas joins Brad this week to discuss his barrel aged sour beer program. CJ has come up with a method to schedule his beers to maximize the flavor and utilization of oak barrels for making great beer (video).
Wood and Beer with Peter Bouckaert 2016-06 This week it is an honor to host Peter Bouckaert, the brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing to discuss his new book Wood and Beer. Peter has been at New Belgium for over 20 years, and has just finished his book on wood and barrel aged beers with co-author Dick Cantwell (video).
Barrel Aging Beers and Sours with Michael Tonsmeire 2017-05 Michael Tonsmeire joins Brad this week to discuss aging beer in barrels as well as how to barrel age sour beers (video).
Viking Age Brew with Mika Laitinen. 2019-05 Accurate discussion of historical sahti and farmhouse brewing, as well as his new book "Viking Age Brew" (video).
American Sour Beer Update with Michael Tonsmeire 2020-02 Michael Tonsmeire joins Brad this week to discuss some of the things he’s learned about Sour Beers in the years since his American Sour Beers book was published.

Belgian Smaak

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Belgian Smaak - Interview with Rudi Ghequire of Rodenbach 2016-04 My guest for this podcast is the site manager at Rodenbach, Rudi Ghequire. He’s one of the most knowledgeable men on the topics of brewing, blending and flavour in one of the most knowledgable beer nations in the world. His vast experience and self-deprecating charm ensure he has become one of the most respected beer personalities on the planet. Here he talks about developments at the brewery in his lifetime, what makes Rodenbach unique, and his concerns and hopes for the style generally.
Belgian Smaak - Interview with Rob Tod and Jason Perkins from Allagash 2016-05 Interview with Rob and Jason, including discussion of their spontaneous program.
Over a Barrel, Experimentally 2016-06 Interview with Michael and Armand of Drie Fonteinen.
Nino Bacelle of De Ranke 2016-09 Interview with Nino, including information about their lambic and beer blending.
Frank Boon of Brouwerij Boon 2016-12 Interview with Frank Boon about the history, present and future of Boon.
Yvan De Baets of Brasserie De La Senne 2017-08 Yvan De Baets is a social worker, a beer historian and a brewer. He is one of the founding members of Brasserie De La Senne in Brussels, a brewery which set about trying to encapsulate the personality of an off-centre city in its beers. De Baets explains here how he believes that the liquid in the glass is a representation of the values of the brewer who produced it.
Jean Van Roy of Brasserie Cantillon 2017-08 Here, we discuss with Jean: Cantillon’s shift in 1999 to organic ingredients, his thoughts on the recent resurgence of brewing in Brussels, the impact of climate change on producing spontaneously fermented beers and how he is just as inspired by his colleagues in the wine industry as he is by those in the production of beer.
EP016 The King Wants You There 2020-09 We spoke with Karl Verhaeghe of Brouwerij Verhaeghe about how it feels to build your family business around tradition, how he managed to come back from a serious road traffic accident, and why he continues to fight for Flemish Red-Brown beer today in a market that always wants the next and the new. We also spoke to Karl’s wife, Isabelle Eeeman, and to Brouwerij Verhaeghe’s export manager, Amaury Kervyn d’Oud Mooreghem, about what it’s like to know the Duchesse.
EP026 - Raf Souvereyns (Bokke), Pierre Tilquin (Gueuzerie Tilquin), and Tom Jacobs (Antidoot) 2021-03 Raf, Pierre, and Tom talk about terroir, hype in wild beer, and about their motivations.
EP043 - Roundtable Discussion: Everything Oud Bruin, Flanders Red, and Flemish Sours." 2023-02 Commentators commonly distinguish between foeder-aged Flanders Red and stainless-steel aged Oud Bruin, while some breweries themselves have sought protection under different names such as South-West Flemish Red-Brown. However, these distinctions are not regularly used on the ground in Belgium and the more you delve into production methods, the more you realize how grey the lines between all those definitions are. See also Flemish Red-Brown Beer.


Title Date (year-month) Notes
Quick Sours w/ House Of Pendragon Brewing Company 2018-04 Marshall is joined by contributor Malcolm Frazer as well as the first in-studio guest, Sean Wood, to discuss techniques brewers can use to produce delicious sour beer quickly. Sean has been homebrewing for years, served as president of the local homebrew club for 2 years, and currently helps manage the sour and barrel program at House Of Prendragon Brewing Company.
Combined vs. staggered microbe Pitch xBmt 2019-02 When it comes to making sour beer, there are many opinions as to what method of adding yeast and bacteria yields the best results. In this episode, contributor Malcolm Frazers sits down with Marshall to chat about staggered pitching compared to co-pitching and discuss the results of an interesting xBmt on the topic.
Bru Lab Episode 066- Brewing Sour Beer w/ Jeff Young 2022 Discussing using grains to sour wort.
Bru Lab Episode 087 - Impact Bicarbonates Have On Brettanomyces Fermentations w/ Dr. Katherine Thompson-Witrick 2022 Discussing the affects of high levels of bicarbonate on the fermentation of B. bruxellensis and the impacts flavor profile.

Come and Brew It

Title Date (year-month) Notes
The Bluebonnet Brew Off 2015 (iTunes) 2015-04 Interview with Garret Tillman of Dry Yeast for Sour Ales BlackManYeast. Starts around 27:30, and goes for about 20 minutes.
Sour Beer 102 2016-01 In this episode, we go back into sour beer territory to discuss some of the errors we had in our first Sour Beer 101 episode and also expand upon those things by interviewing James Howat of the Former Future Brewing Co. and Black Project Spontaneous Ales in Denver. Afterward, we’ll also be calling up Dan Pixley of the Milk the Funk user group, who can tell us about his experience with that group so far and also help us discuss sour fermentations.
Wood Aging and Sours with Eric Salazar and Lauren Woods Salazar of New Belgium Brewing. 2016-03 In this episode, we have Lauren Woods Salazar and Eric Salazar from New Belgium Brewing in the studio with us to talk about their involvement with the company and hopefully share some of their vast wealth of information. New Belgium is one of America’s first craft brewers to delve into wood aging and sours, while also being the producer of the gateway beers that opened up a new world for many craft beer lovers.

Craft Beer & Brewing Podcast

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Anderson Valley's Fal Allen: Lessons Learned from Brewing Goses 2018-10 From the best kinds of salts to use to how it can mess up some brewing equipment, there's no one better to talk about gose than Fal Allen. This week he talks about his new book that focuses on the style, what he's learned brewing them at Anderson Valley.
Crooked Stave's Chad Yakobson: Geek Out On Sour (and “Clean”) Beer 2018-11 From his pioneering masters thesis on fermenting with Brettanomyces to his current role running a 10,000 BBL per year brewery and artisan-focused craft distributorship in Denver, Colorado, Chad Yakobson has made his mark on the world of brewing.
Russian River Brewing’s Vinnie Cilurzo: Brewing Sour Beer with Old World Tradition and Contemporary Innovation 2019-06 Vinnie discusses open fermentation for everything from Pliny the Elder to STS Pils, the impact of tank geometry, de-barreling sour beer without worry about oxygen exposure, and much more.
Allagash Brewing’s Jason Perkins: Belgian Tradition Meets American Creativity 2019-06 Perkins shares lessons learned over two decades of work at Allagash, from building haze stability in witbier to fermenting with Brettanomyces and spontaneous fermentation.
Harrison McCabe of Beachwood Blendery: Creating the Right Environment for Spontaneous and Pitched Culture Wild and Sour Beers 2019-10 Beachwood Blendery has built a world-class sour, wild, and spontaneous beer program by controlling environmental factors and carefully selecting for desired character in their prevailing house culture.
August Schell's Jace Marti on Creating Distinctive Lagers and Historically Inspired Berliner Weisse 2019-10 Marti discusses how their approach to craft lagers has evolved, how they've borrowed innovative processes from the IPA world for their traditional lagers, and how they've painstakingly built a sour program based on mixed-culture Berliner weisse.
Peter Bouckaert on Brewing with Wood, Creativity, and New Belgium's Sale to Kirin 2019-11 Stints at Rodenbach and New Belgium solidified Peter Bouckaert's love of wood and experimentation. Now focusing on small-scale experiments at Purpose, he’s doubling down on creative ingredients, processes, and beer design.
John Rowley of Rowley Farmhouse Ales on Nuance and Character in Sour Beer 2019-12 The cofounder of GABF’s 2019 Small Brewpub of the Year shares the processes and philosophies behind their award-winning sour beer.
Phil Joyce of Amalgam and Westbound & Down on What Does (and Doesn’t) Matter in Mixed Culture Farmhouse and Sour Beer 2019-12 Creating sour and funky beers with dimension and depth involves many factors, but according to Phil Joyce, those factors aren't what you think they are? Malt? Don't sweat it. Hops? Maybe. Water profile? Definitely. Yeast? Obviously.
Christian DeBenedetti of Wolves and People is Bringing Brewing Back to His Roots 2020-08 On a hazelnut farm 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon, Wolves and People is taking its beer closer to the land, with yeast cultured on the farm, an estate barley program, farm-grown ingredients, and more.
Zebulon's Mike Karnowski Sees the Future in Beers of the Past 2020-10 For Mike Karnowski of Zebulon Artisan Ales in Weaverville, North Carolina, innovation in the service of joyful beer starts with plumbing the depths of brewing history.
Levi Funk of Untitled Art and Funk Factory Aims to Create New Styles 2020-10 Levi Funk follows two seemingly contradictory brewing philosophies—the hardcore traditionalism of Funk Factory Guezeria, and the boundary-pushing experimentalism of Untitled Art.
It's Funk First for Shawn Johnson and New-Old School Birds Fly South 2020-12 Birds Fly South’s Shawn Johnson loves the funky farmhouse ale tradition—so much so that he and wife Lindsay have dedicated their brewery to it. But that embrace of tradition doesn’t exclude exploring modern approaches to these rustic styles.
Podcast Episode 165: Bret Kollman Baker of Urban Artifact is Fastidious About Quick-Soured Beers 2020-12 Quick- or kettle-soured beers don’t get the credit they’re due from certain quarters of the brewing world. Urban Artifact’s Brett Kollman Baker makes a solid case for brewing them with focus, intentionality, and a rare level of granularity.
Podcast Episode 181: Jeff Wiederkehr of Burning Beard. 2021-04 Discussing spontaneous fermentation.
Podcast Episode 212: Primitive Beer’s Lisa and Brandon Boldt Apply Science to the Romance of Spontaneous Fermentation. 2021-11 In Longmont, Colorado, this small passion project devoted solely to spontaneously fermented beers trusts in data and science to better understand and guide their fermentation, aging, and blending.
Podcast Episode #225: 3 Fonteinen’s Next Generation Is Going from Grain to Gueuze 2022-02 Discussing using heritage wheat varieties from around the world; also mentions that they no longer acidify their mash as of 2017 or so and report no impact on the lambic quality.
Podcast Episode #226: For Cantillon’s Jean Van Roy, Brewing Comes Naturally 2202-02 History and brewing process of Cantillon. Mentions that Cantillon does not pre-acidify their mash. Also discusses the impact of climate change on lambic production.
Podcast Episode #227: Tom Jacobs of Antidoot Is Searching For Simplicity 2202-02 Tom shares his brewing philosophy on wild beer microbiology, flavor balance with bitterness, and seasonal brewing.
Episode #232: Raf Souvereyns of Bokke Is Blending Lambic with Fruit and New Perspective 2022-04 Discussing experimentation with lambic fermentation and blending.
Episode 234: Pierre Tilquin of Gueuzerie Tilquin Makes Lambic and Gueuze with Lively Spirit and Mathematical Precision. 2022-04 Tilquin discusses details of his blending approach and cellar management.
Podcast Episode 243: Wild Fields Share Their Winning Ways in Everything From Brown Ale to Mixed Cultures. 2022-06 Beachwood Blendery and Cantillon experiments start at about 40 minutes.
Podcast Episode 247: Allagash, Cantillon, and Russian River Weigh in at the Spontaneous Brewing Roundtable. 2022-07 Recorded at the Wild Friendship Blend event at Russian River Brewing, this conversation among friends and peers explores questions of common practice and unique adaptations across spontaneous brewing in markedly different environments.
Podcast Episode 251: Brooklyn’s Grimm Artisanal Ales Apply a Yeast-Driven Approach to Brewing. 2022-11 Joe and Lauren discuss their approach to spontaneous fermentation.
Podcast Episode 285: Little Fish Brew Mixed Culture Beers With Subtlety and Grace. 2023-01 Using both spontaneous and culture-driven processes, this Ohio brewery is making award-winning mixed-culture beers with a focus on nuance, sustainability, and technical execution.
Podcast Episode 317: Averie Swanson of Keeping Together is Envisioning Our Saison Future. 2023-08 The former head brewer of Jester King set out on her own path with her Keeping Together brand, brewed out of Half Acre in Chicago. Now, she's writing the next chapter of the story in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Podcast Episode 323: Vermont’s Wunderkammer Tells Mixed-Culture Stories Beyond the Barnyard. 2023-10 In a former dairy creamery in northern Vermont, Wunderkammer creator (and former Hill Farmstead head brewer) Vasili Gletsos has developed a decidedly manual, hands-on process using locally foraged ingredients, a wood-fired copper kettle, and no glycol.
Podcast Episode 324: GABF Gold! Barrique and 1840 Brewing Discuss Their Medal-Winning Oak-Aged Mixed-Culture Beers. 2023-10 It’s two GABF gold medal winners in one episode, as Joel Stickrod and Spencer Longhurst of Nashville’s Barrique discuss the making of their Wet Hop Strata 2023, while 1840’s Kyle Vetter shares the process behind I Don’t Want To Wait.

Experimental Brewing

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Over a Barrel, Experimentally 2015-12 Interview with Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel. Interview starts ~26 minutes in.
Whirlpooling Around the Yeast Bay 2016-01 Interview with Nick Impellitteri of The Yeast Bay. Interview starts ~30 minutes in.
Interview with Barrett Tillman of Black Man Yeast 2016-04 We go to Dallas where Drew talks with Barrett Tillman of both Black Man Yeast and Deep Ellum Brewing Company about his experiences as a brewer, his love of all things sour and funky and why he decided to start a mini-yeast company. Interview starts at ~50 minutes in.
Michael Tonsmeire Fails Gracefully At Cloning Oerbier 2017-02 On this week's episode of the Brew Files, Drew sits down with Mike Tonsmeire, aka Old Sock, aka The Mad Fermentationist and author of American Sour Beers. The focus of their talk - Mike's love of and attempt to brew in the vein of De Dolle's Oerbier Reserva. He talks about what went right and what went wrong and how to respond when things don't quite go to plan. See also recipe feedback from MTF.
Interview with Nick Impellitteri from The Yeast Bay. 2017-06 Interview with Nick (insert really bad Italian accent) Impellitteri of The Yeast Bay. Interview starts at 01:14:55.
Interview with Dave Janssen about grisette on Experimental Brewing with Drew Beechum. 2017-06 On this week's episode of the Brew Files, we're going deep with Dave Janssen of Hors Catégorie Brewing as we dig into the city cousin of Saison - Grisette. Just what the heck was it, how did it get it's name and how it ties into the larger realm of beer history. Dave walks you through the info he's discovered over the past few years and why he thinks so many "grisettes" really aren't all that grisettey!
Brew Files - Episode 22 - Call Out The Brut Squad. 2017-10 Inspired by a posting on Milk the Funk Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/MilkTheFunk/), Drew sits down with brewing partner in crime, Kent Fletcher and they revisit their experiments with Methode Champenoise - aka how make your beer into Champagne! So sit back and relax as you figure out how to legitimately play with dry ice! Click here for the inspired MTF thread.
Episode 55 - Hitting the Books with Cellador. 2017-12 Interview with Kevin Osborne of Cellador Ales (00:46:21).
Episode 59 - Yeast Mysteries with Sui Generis. 2018-01 Interview with Bryan Heit from Sui generis blog on lager yeast taxonomy, lactic acid yeast, and Bryan's methods for catching wild yeast and bacteria. Starts at ~38 minutes in.
German Beer History with Andreas Krennmair Pat 1 and Part 2. 2018-04 On this episode of the Brew Files, Drew sits down with Andreas Krennmair to talk his new book - German and Austrain Beers for the Homebrewer. We'll get into Andrea's history as a brewer and what it takes to dig up the forgotten history of one of the world's brewing epicenters!
Getting Cool With Kip 2018-04 Drew sits down with Kip Barnes of LA Ale Works in Hawthorne, CA to talk about his experiments running a professional brewery while holding onto his homebrewer spirit. In that vein, we talk about using a cool ship for his next "odd" beer. (Starts at ~11:30.)
The Sour Cat 2018-08 On this week's episode, we're exploring the Catharina Sour with Ronaldo Ferreira of Cervejaria Bruxa in Florianopolis Brazil about how this style evolved from an educational tool to a style brewed around South America and how to brew one of your own, for your own city. See also this MTF thread.
The Bays of Portland 2018-10 One of our favorite yeast people is back and he's got big news! Nick Impelitteri is going full time and moving to Beervana - aka Portland - aka the new "Bay" City? In addition we talk about new toys he's bringing to bear including a nectar loving critter that might change how you experience hops.
Using Kveik with Levi Fried from Long Beach Beer Lab 2019-07 Drew's siting down with Levi from Long Beach Beer Lab again to explore how Levi is using the old school, new hotness of Kveik in nearly half of his beers. What has Levi discovered to make some pretty amazing beer? He's got a few tricks up his sleeve!
Brew Files - Episode 89 - Milk The Funk 2020-07 Many of the lessons that we learn as brewers, particularly as homebrewers, are of the "eh, this is the way it's been done historically". And it feels like that's truer nowhere else but in mixed culture brewing. The gang at Milk the Funk are trying to bring the science to sour beer and you can witness the awe inspiring efforts behind their wiki. We're talking to Dan Pixley, the primary maintainer of the Wiki, about things he's learned and been surprised about over the years!

Fermentation Nation

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Yeast Talk 2014-06 Join us in episode #2 as we discuss all things yeast related. Listen to us geek out about yeast and discuss some important considerations homebrewers should have when handling yeast and choosing the proper strain for their brew. Our in studio guest is Dave Thornton from SouthYeast.
Intro to Sours & The MadFermentationist 2015-04 It’s April 13th and this is our 13th Episode of Fermentation Nation! Whoever says the number 13 is unlucky didn’t just dive into the world of Brewing with Bugs by interviewing The Mad Fermentationist, Mike Tonsmeire, author of “American Sour Beers”. Features questions asked by Milk The Funk members.
Intro To Sour Beer Video Presentation 2015-05 This is a great video that introduces sour brewing to home brewers, and was the result of an educational presentation for the Carolina Brew Masters.
Kombucha & Lenny Boy Brewing 2015-06 Short discussion on blending beer with kombucha, and a couple of different overviews of fermenting beer with kombucha.
Sour Beer Blending with Lauren Salazar of New Belgium 2015-07 Includes a lot of questions for Lauren from Milk The Funk.
Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel 2015-08 Includes a lot of questions for Jay from Milk The Funk.
Bootleg Biology and Brew Bracket 2015-08 Includes a lot of questions for Jeff Mello from Milk The Funk.
Derk Lintern from NOLA Brewing Company on sours 2015-10 Discussion with Derk, a very experienced sour brewer at NOLA Brewing Company. Starts ~40 mins in.
Quality Assurance w/ Jessica Davis of The Bruery 2015-11 We talk about Jessica’s background with Stone & Miller/Coors highlighting some of the difference's between working for a Macro brewer and a Micro brewer. She also discusses some of the various aspects of Quality Assurance in relation to differences between clean and sour beers. Jessica tackles several listener inspired questions and talks about the different strains of yeast The Bruery uses in their sour beers. To top it all off she gives us the grain bill for one of the most popular sour beers The Bruery makes; Tart of Darkness! Lastly she shares a few of the beers they have that contain viable bottle dregs to use in your own sours (spoiler: Tart of Darkness happens to be one of them!). Starts ~50 mins in.
Live @ Salud’s SourFest #3: Funkonia 2015-11 We chat with NC/ATL breweries; Burial Brewery, NoDa Brewery, Fonta Flora, Green Man, Wrecking Bar, Salud, Unknown Brewery, Heist Brewery, Appalachian Mountain Brewery,Shawn McBride & Denny Deaton from the new Salud Nano brewery, Pinky, and Jay Weezie from Cheers Charlotte plus more!
Visiting Carolina Bauernhaus and SouthYeast Labs 2016-05 We sit down with Head Brewer/Co-Owner Keston to discuss the wonderful beers they are brewing, all with locally sourced yeast. We also discuss some of their brewing and blending practices. Next we dive into capturing and processing wild yeast with David Thornton of SouthYeast Labs and later in the show Even Skjervold of SouthYeast joins us to talk about how they got started.
Sourfest 2016 Live! 2017-04 This episode catches us talking to the brewers from; Casa Agria, Zebulon Brewing, Carolina Bauernhaus, Newgrass Brewing, and Lenny Boy. We discuss not only the beers they brought to this event but also delve into process behind the beers and what each brewer personally liked at the festival.


Title Date (year-month) Notes
Kettle Souring, Berliner Weisse, and Gratzer 2012-12 This week on Fuhmentaboudit! host Mary Izett talks with Jesse Ferguson of Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands, NJ and Matt Chan, an experienced home brewer with a couple of his own brews in tow. Ferguson speaks about the growth of his 15 barrel craft brew house and some of the really inventive beers that they are producing, including a Super Storm Sandy Stout that came about by accident. Chan talks about the Berliner Weisse and Gratzer style beers that he has been brewing and discusses the unique process and ingredients he uses to create these small batches. These avid home brewers know their stuff so tune in and learn about the process of brewing beer at home and the use of unusual ingredients to create really diverse and interesting flavors. This program was sponsored by Edwards Ham.
Wood From the Hood 2013-06 We're brewing sours with Peter Salmond and Oskar and Erik Norlander on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett host Peter, Oskar, and Eric in the studio to talk about lambics, gueuzes, and more! Why does this trio brew sours? Hear about the brewing processes involved with making sour beers, and why consistency is so fleeting with sour styles. Learn more about barrel-aging beers, and the maintenance involved with owning and using a barrel. Want to brew with fruit? Try a puree! Find out why sours are the best shower beer on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit! Thanks to our sponsor, Underground Meats.
Brian Taylor of Goose Island 2013-09 Mary Izett meets Goose Island Brewer Brian Taylor at Pennsylvania 6 for this special recording for Fuhmentaboudit! Tune into this episode to hear Brian talk about his beginnings in the beer industry bottling for Flying Dog Brewery. Why has Goose Island decided to focus on barrel-aged beers, and what types of barrels do they use at their facility in Chicago? Hear Brian talk about his love of yeast, and what strains of wild yeasts he and his partners prefer. What collaborations are on the horizon for Goose Island? Find out on this episode of Fuhmentaboudit! This program has been sponsored by Consider Bardwell.
Wild Thangs with Johnnie Leroy Compton III 2013-11 Johnnie Leroy Compton III brews wild open-fermented sours in his home! This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, Mary Izett packs a bunch of brewing enthusiasts and professionals into the studio to talk wild yeast, blends, and more! Joining Mary and Johnnie are Hayley Jensen and Stephen Durley from Taproom No. 307, and John La Polla of Bitter & Esters. Tune into this episode to learn about some of Johnnie's unorthodox yeast-collecting methods, and why no brewer should fear infection. Hear how Johnnie brewed inside of trash cans, and how he has dealt with acetobacter in the past! Learn more about Johnnie's blended IPAs, and why you gotta brew with your gut! This program has been sponsored by Regional Access.
Sour Beers with Brooklyn Brewsers 2014-07 Be a fly on the wall at a recent Brooklyn Brewsers Homebrew Club meeting at an on-location episode of Fuhmentaboudit! This week, Chris and Mary chat with homebrewers about sours that they entered into a recent competition. Get some insight from the pulse of the homebrewing movement and learn about some tips, trends and tactics for brewing your own sour beer. Cheers to sours! This program was brought to you by Bonnie Plants.
The Yeast Wrangler 2014-07 Jeff Mello is a yeast wrangler. Find out what this means and so much more about yeast on today's episode of Fuhmentaboudit as hosts Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett chat with Jeff about home brewing, yeast strains and other tidbits of information about yeast and making your own beer. Jeff runs Bootleg Biology, an open source yeast (and wild bugs) project whose goal is to create the most diverse library of microbes for the creation of alcoholic and fermented beverages. Jeff leaves no stone unturned in this conversation on yeast and brewing. Things get particularly scientific here, but don't be afraid - any home brewer can implement the tips Jason offers here. Tune in and get the inside scoop on yeast! This program was brought to you by Edwards VA Ham.
All I Need is One Mic...roscope! 2014-08 Things get scientific on this week's episode of Fuhmentaboudit as Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett are joined by Drew Bombard, lab technician at Brooklyn Brewery and their first (and best!) microbiologist. Drew has also worked as a brewer at New Belgian Brewing Company. He describes his work and shares some tips for brewers - from cultures to bacteria to sanitization and beyond. If you're looking for a conversation that goes beyond basics of brewing - this is for you! This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.
A Rue-D Awakening With The Bruery 2014-09 Patrick Rue of The Bruery is this week's guest on Fuhmentaboudit! The Bruery is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, CA specializing in Belgian-style, experimental and barrel aged ales. Tune in and find out how Patrick took up brewing as a hobby at first before turning it into a full blown career. Hear some of the brewing methods he employs and his thoughts on trends, styles and tastes within craft beer. This program was brought to you by Whole Foods Market.
Sweep 'N Sour with Oskar Norlander & Peter Salmond 2015-02 This week on Fuhmentaboudit!, hosts Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme kick off the show with some upcoming beertastic events (and announce plans for their own brew!) before welcoming guests Peter Salmond and Oskar Norlander. Peter and Oskar are the recent winners of Homebrew Alley Sour Category, and actually swept first, second, and third places out of 35 entrees! Their Gueuze, American Stout, and Fruit Lambics were hits at Homebrew Alley and share with Chris and Mary that their recipes remain pretty basic though they have changed their mashes. Talking brewing details, the guys talk their techniques then relay thoughts on the results of the recent competition. Oskar and Peter also chat about how they came to decide the fruits used for their fruit lambics, like passion fruit, and take the hosts through their thoughts behind their award-winning Gueuze. Tune in for more insider details from Peter and Oskar and a great recap of Homebrew Alley! This program was brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.
Brett on Brett with Brett Taylor 2015-07 This week on Fuhmentaboudit, hosts Mary Izett and Chris Cuzme welcome Brett Taylor to the studio, recalling his experiences in homebrewing and his recent completion of courses at the American Brewers Guild. Brett shares what about homebrewing initally appealed to him as well as the details surrounding his first successful brews. Talking why he loves working with the brettanomyces yeast strain, Brett dishes helpful hints for those looking to use the strain plus talks his hopping technique and an overview of his many brews. Tune in and geek out over brettanomyces with the crew! This program was brought to you by Union Beer Distributors.
The Yeast Whisperer with Shea Comfort 2016-02 On this week’s edition of Fuhmentaboudit!, our hosts welcome Shea Comfort (aka “The Yeast Whisperer”), head winemaker for Olin Wines and prolific home brewer. Tune in for a crash course in all things yeast!
HomebrewCon 2016 Recap 2016-06 Interview with several members of Milk The Funk during the MTF Meetup at HomebrewCon 2016.
Great Grisettes with Dave Janssen 2016-10 Today on Fuhmentaboudit, we talk to Dave Janssen of Hors Catégorie Brewing. Dave speaks to the history of grisettes, how to brew your own, and mixed fermentations. He also shares his recommendations for a perfect day in Belgium.
Interview with German brewer Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist Bierkultur 2016-10 Historical German styles, and modern day German craftbeer culture.
Tufts love for Sauerkraut and Kombucha 2017-01 Preaching the good word of fermentation science, we bring scientists Elizabeth Landis and Esther Miller from the Tufts University Open Lab. Liz and Esther talk about their research on kombucha and sauerkraut, including strange experiments, education outreach, and Wolfe Lab’s ongoing project to collect kombucha cultures from all over the world!
Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel and The Sour Hour 2017-05 Jay Goodwin, Co-founder/Director of Blending and Brewing at The Rare Barrel and co-host of The Sour Hour podcast, calls in to the show to talk barrel-aged sour beers, bugs, off-flavors and hot sauce. We delve into yeast and bacteria selection, kettle sours, good, great and terrible practices and much more.
Ancient brews with Dr. Pat McGovern 2017-06 Chris and Rachel sit down with Dr. Patrick E. McGovern to discuss his latest book, Ancient Brews, Rediscovered and Re-Created. The book includes homebrew interpretations, meal pairings, and much much more. Hear of his inspirational journeys of discovery, of his collaborations with Dogfish Head and dreams of “dinobrew” in this intimate chat on episode 208 of Fuhmentaboudit!
Getting grafty with Kyle Sherrer and David Hall of Graft Cider 2017-07 Traditional cider is getting pretty big in New York State and around the country, but although Kyle Sherrer’s cider is rooted in tradition, this cider is anything but. Chris and Mary join Kyle Sherrer and David Hall at Graft’s popup in Newburgh to talk about the cidery’s start, its trajectory, and its focus on flavors and technique to get complex and unique flavors out of simple fruits and yeasts. Hear of Kyle’s history with Millstone, beer influences, and how it has all driven him to expression through apples and art at Graft.

Master Brewers Podcast

Short format podcast from the Master Brewers Association.

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Wild Yeast & Bacteria (intentionally) in the Brewery. 2016-10 Nick Mader surveyed 16 breweries, including Firestone, Allagash, Boulevard, Stone, and Russian River to determine the keys to success when producing wild beers and conventional beers in the same brewery.
Staining yeast cells for automated counting. 2016-10 Leo Chan discusses methods for automated yeast cell counting, measuring viability, and other physiological properties. Recent work includes collaboration at Harpoon Brewery to count cells in products with high residuals and collaboration at the University of Maine to improve methods for counting Brettanomyces. This work was also done with Brian Martyniak, an active member of MTF (see Brian's archived MTF threads here for his work with Brettanomyces).
The Chemical Fingerprint of Beer from a Single Experiment with Minimum Sample Preparation. 2016-12 John Edwards discusses a rapid quantitive molecular analysis by 1H NMR spectroscopy, with an emphasis on sour beer aged in barrels.
Kvass 2017-01 Alex Gertsman talks about brewing the traditional Russian beverage known as Kvass, which was historically alcoholic and fermented with bread yeast and a dairy-based Lactobacillus culture.
Torulaspora delbrueckii 2017-05 Max Michel (Weihenstephan) describes how he used RSM to optimize a non-Saccharomyces strain for beer.
Co-fermentation Trials with S. cerevisiae & B. bruxellensis and the Organoleptic Benefits of Mixed Culture Fermentations. 2017-11 Nick Mader is on a mission to eliminate "black box syndrome" in regards to mixed culture fermentations. Learn how inoculation rate impacts esters and phenols.
Diastaticus - Part 1 and Part 2 2017-12 Over-carbonation. Exploding bottles. Lawsuits. Super-attenuation caused by diastaticus contamination is a hot topic in the brewing industry. We bring you interviews with brewers, yeast suppliers, and independent microbiologists to talk about detection, prevention, and more. Whether your strategy is to keep diastaticus out of your brewery altogether or to manage it alongside other Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains lacking the STA gene, you're guaranteed to learn something from these interviews.
German Sour Beers of the Late 19th Century 2018-01 Ron Pattinson joins us to talk about his latest publication in the MBAA Technical Quarterly.
Brewing Hoppy Beer with CRISPR Instead of Hops 2018-04 As recently reported in Nature Communications, Charles Denby used CRISPR-Cas9 to successfully engineer brewers yeast to produce linalool and geraniol. We interview both Charles and Bryan Donaldson (Lagunitas) who oversaw the sensory analysis for this groundbreaking study.
Lactic Acid Bacteria Case Study 2018-04 Tim Lozen of Bells Brewery was awarded best poster (People's Choice) at the 2017 Master Brewers Conference for: A comparison of selected lactic acid bacteria for use in the production of sour wort and beer.
Automated Brettanomyces Cell Counts 2018-06 If you use Brettanomyces in your brewery, you know that counting brett cells is complicated. Leo Chan joins us to discuss the development of a method to automate cell counting of Brettanomyces.
Microbial Gluten Reduction in Beer Using Lactic Acid Bacteria and Standard Process Methods 2018-06 Brett Taubman explores the topic of producing gluten-free/reduced beers with lactic acid bacteria and finds that some strains can reduce gluten to very low levels after 5-7 weeks with no competition from yeast. The resulting beers were not palatable and 5-7 weeks of only Lactobacillus fermentation is not recommended. Claims that some bottles of commercial sour beer were analyzed to be gluten-free.
Interview with Richard Preiss of Escarpment Labs on Kveik 2018-08 Richard Preiss discusses his work with genetically unique yeast used to produce Norwegian farmhouse beers known as kveik.
Jace Marti on Berliner Weisse 2019-05 Jace Marti explains the three historical methods of making Berliner Weisse, and how August Shell Brewing Co makes traditional style Berliner Weisse.
Sourvisiae 2019-11 The Lallemand Brewing team joins us to talk about their new bioengineered, lactic acid-producing Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ADY).
Kveik with Richard Preiss and Iz Netto from Escarpment Labs 2020-01 Discussing the impact of inoculation rate on Norwegian kveik yeast fermentation. See also Kveik pitching rate.
Jordan Kelly of Odell Brewing Company 2020-03 Low-cost lactic acid bacteria propagation system for making 800 BBL's of kettle soured beer every two weeks, as well as how they dialed-in and scaled their process.
Bypassing the Malting Process with Koji 2020-04 This week on the show, our friends from Appalachian State University join us in Calgary to talk about their work evaluating koji as an alternative to traditional malting.
The Yeast Hunter 2021-02 Interview with Lars Marius Garshol about the different types of farmhouse yeast, and highlights of farmhouse brewing.
Deconstructing Le Petit Prince 2021-12 Franco-Belgian style table beer & how Jester King brews their version (interview with Jeff Stuffings).
How & why Resident Culture conditions with speise. 2022-01 David Fuhrer on bottle conditioning using the German speise method (similar to krausening) reduces THP.
Sensory for Mixed Fermentations. 2023-08 A discussion of flavors found in mixed fermentations. with Jen Blair.

The Brewing Network

The Sour Hour

Title Date (year-month) Notes
The Sour Hour hosted by Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel (Sticher), (XML), (iTunes) NA Stitcher/XML/iTunes for all Sour Hour shows. Since this highly recommended podcast will always contain relevant subject material, we currently won't link to every episode.

The Session

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Shea Comfort 2008-11 Wine consultant and home brewer extraordinaire Shea Comfort joins us on The Session this week to talk about using wine yeast in brewing to add more complex, fruity, and/or wine like dimensions to your beer. If that's not enough, Shea also teaches us about using oak in different parts of the brewing process to reach different desired affects and also what the main difference and characteristics of the different oaks available are. And it's all done in a way that is both technical, and plain enough for Brewcaster J to understand!
Brasserie Cantillon 2011-05 This week, the Brewcasters are joined by Jean Van Roy, the man behind the legendary Cantillon Brewery in Brussels, Belgium. Tune in to hear all about the Lambic style from a 4th generation brewer who is still making his beers in the same tradition as his family did when they founded the brewery over a century ago.
Trinity Brewing Co. 2011-07 This week on The Session, the Brewcasters are joined by Trinity Brewing Company's Jason Yester. As the founder of the premier craft brewery in Colorado Springs, Jason specializes in saisons and sours, keeping dozens of different styles on tap in his brewpub at any given time. Tune in to hear Jason's great story, as well as his techniques for aging and blending his unique creations.
Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works 2012-01 This week, The Session welcomes Matt Potts and Mark Tilley of Destihl Restaurant & Brew Works. Tune in as founder/brewmaster Matt and cellarman Mark talk about the popularity of their un-blended sours, what it takes to brew more than 50 styles of beer throughout the year, and their plans to distribute in the notoriously tough Chicago market.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project 2012-04 The Session is back in action this week with Chad Yakobson, the brewer and owner of Colorado's Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. Specializing in 100% Brettanomyces fermentations and barrel-aged sour and wild ales, Crooked Stave has carved out quite a name for themselves in just a couple short years. Tune in to learn from a man whose brewing endeavor is a culmination of the knowledge and inspiration he amassed over years of study, during which he wrote a Master's dissertation on Brettanomyces yeast species.
Anchorage Brew Co. 2012-09 The Session broadcasts its 300th episode this week, as the Brewcasters welcome Gabe Fletcher, the founder of Anchorage Brewing Company. One of the newest breweries to open in Alaska, Anchorage specializes in barrel fermentation with brettanomyces and souring cultures. Gabe uses his 15 years of experience to combine new and old styles of brewing, and his products are some of the most unique beers ever made.
Adjuncts in Sour Beer 2013-11 The Session is back on Sunday this week, as Flat Tail Brewing Company's Dave Marliave joins the BN crew in-studio to cover adding adjuncts to sour beers. Dave and his crew are always pushing the sour-envelope at their brewery in Corvallis, Oregon - tune in to catch a lesson from a master of using adjuncts from fruit to cucumbers to take his sours to the next level.
The Rare Barrel 2014-07 The BN celebrates The Hop Grenade's opening day with the guys behind Berkeley, California's The Rare Barrel. Tune in to catch founders Jay Goodwin and Alex Wallash explain how they have managed to sweep the sour beer world off its feet in extremely short order, taking home a World Beer Cup gold in only their first year of existence.
Wicked Weed Brewing Co. 2014-10 The BN crew is back from GABF as Luke and Walt Dickinson of Wicked Weed Brewing Company join the Brewcasters in-studio all the way from Asheville, North Carolina. Still not quite two years old, Wicked Weed has already developed quite the reputation for itself, having brewed nearly 200 different styles so far and offering a lineup of stellar sour beers.
Free Will Brewing Co. 2015-05 Interview with John Stemler of Free Will Brewing Company. Sour information starts at about 1:27:00, and lasts for about 40 minutes. Covers an array of topics, including fruit and dark sours.
The Ale Apothecary 2016-08 Paul Arney, Founder and Brewmaster, joins us to talk about his cottage brewery in the hills, and the very unique style of brewing that he employs. The brewery is built on his own property, where he lives, and he has chosen to take a slower, more historic approach to producing his slow ales, that are often sour, always complex, and very very good. Tune in and learn about his brew system that seems to be comprised almost entirely of wood barrels and how each of his beers takes on a two year life of its own before finding it’s way into his honey infused bottles. Learn about his entirely local raw material sourcing and much, much more. Interview starts at ~40 minutes in.
Shady Oak Barrel House 2016-09 Long-time listener and ultimate winner of our long-lamented television show B.Y.O.B. TV, Steve Doty, is our guest for this episode of The Session. In 2014, Steve opened Shady Oak Barrel House in Santa Rosa, and has been producing some of the most sought-after farmhouse beers in the state. In fact, he was named best new brewer in 2014 by the folks at Rate Beer! Steve talks to us about what it takes to run a barrel house all by yourself, how he approaches blending his beers, and what strange stuff the TTB makes him put on his labels. Interview starts at ~37 mins.
Daniel Addey-Jibb, co-owner and brewer at Le Castor joins us for The Session on this episode. 2016-10 Insights into stopping fermentation and adding Brettanomyces at bottling, and predicting the carbonation levels based on residual gravity. Also information about using large amounts of fruit zest in Brettanomyces beers. Relevant information starts at around 1 hour and 10 minutes in.
Almanac Beer Co. 2016-10 Jesse Friedman, who is one of the co-founders, and Phil The Barrel Guy made the journey – along with several tasty beers – to chat with us about their philosophy on making beer and how to be creative in a growing market. Farm to Barrel” is their tagline, and Jesse is a passionate believer in paring beers with food, so it’s easy to see why the beers are the way they are – well balanced, complex, and damn good! We talk about their barrel program for a bit, as well as how they deal with Brett strains and their fruit additions, two things they are known for. Interview starts at ~40 minutes.
Jester King Brewery 2017-01 The Session welcomes Jester King Brewery back to the show! We haven’t had time to catch up with Jester King since their first appearance back in 2013. They are an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Founder Jeffrey Stuffings and new Brewery Production Manager Averie Swanson join us on the show to talk about their new SPON series of beers that are 100% spontaneously fermented. We’ll learn about the traditional methods Jester King employs, including the use of a coolship, to brew and ferment in the traditional Belgian method to produce truly unique, spontaneously fermented brews. Interview starts at ~43 minutes.
Hidden Mother Brewing 2018-12 Hailing from Spokane, Washington, The Hidden Mother Brewing has been making waves in the beer scene since February 2018. Mike Detar and Remington (yes, that’s his real name), made a special trip to the studio just to be interviewed by us. So already you know there is something wrong with these two. Mike also came dressed in a taco costume, which explains the puns. Mike's tree beers were posted in MTF. Interview starts around ~30 minutes in.

The Jamil Show/Brewing With Style

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Flanders Red Ale 2007-01 Homebrewing beer. Flanders Red Ale is a deliciously sour and slightly funky beer. Rodenbach makes a great example of this style. Jamil and Jon explain how to brew a great Flanders Red.
Lambic, Gueuze, Fruit Lambic 2008-06 Homebrewing beer. Lambic is a very complex, sour/acidic, pale, wheat-based ale fermented by a variety of Belgian microbiota.
Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin 2008-10 The Jamil Show covers brewing a Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin style of beer.
Flanders Red 2014-05 The Brewing With Style team discusses BJCP Category 17B, Flanders Red. A Brewcaster favorite, this style is a true wonder in the beer world. Learn about what makes Flanders Red so unique, what commercial examples measure up, and techniques to homebrew your own.
Brewing With Style: Fruit Lambic 2014-11 A Brewing Network staff favorite, Category 17F Fruit Lambic is discussed on this episode of Brewing With Style. If you love funky and sour beer then this is the one for you. With tons of modern and classic examples available, this one is sure to please even the most discerning palettes.
Brewing With Style: Gueuze 2015-03 In this episode of Brewing With Style, Jamil, Tasty and Jon Plise discuss Category 17E, Gueuze. This complex sour beer is a little acidic and a little tart, and can feature many of the "barnyard" notes that wild beer lovers enjoy. (Editor's note: Jamil accidentally misspoke when he mentioned a scientific publication that shows Brettanomyces was not present in lambic fermentation. This was a misinterpretation of the study [1].)
Brewing With Style: Berliner Weisse 2015-10 On this episode of Brewing with Style, Jamil and Tasty cover Berliner Weisse. Tune in and learn about this traditional and refreshing style, what commercial examples to seek and how to brew a great version of you own.
Brewing With Style: Belgian Specialty 2016-01 In this episode of Brewing With Style, Jamil and Tasty discuss BJCP Category 16E (2008 Guidelines) – Belgian Specialty Ale. This category can really run the gamut in terms of style and is typically characterized with fruity esters and spicy phenols. The beer can include spice additions, as well as wild yeast like Brettanomyces and/or Lactobacillus.
Brewing with Style: Straight Lambic 2016-03 In this episode of Brewing With Style, Jamil and Tasty discuss the often misunderstood style, Straight Lambic, category 17D in the BJCP Guidelines. As the sour beer craze races on, straight lambic remains the foundation and staple of the sour beer world. This unblended, historic example of beer that is produced with wild yeast and bacteria, can hold up for years if cared for properly and offers beer fans a unique experience and small step into the world of sour beer. Tune in and learn how they are made, which commercial examples are worth trying, and how you can homebrew or craft brew one yourself. Jamil and Tasty taste several homebrewed lambic-style sours from MTF member, Andy Carter.

Brew Strong

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Brew Strong: Q and A 2013-10 One question on barrel effects on sour beers.
Brew Strong: Sour Beer Q and A 2014-02 Jamil and John Palmer cover all things sour beer on this episode of Brew Strong. Tune in to learn how to use the many different kinds of sour bugs, tips for a do-it-yourself open fermentation, troubleshooting problems with beers that won't sour, fruit additions and how often to do them, and much more
Brew Strong: Q and A 2014-11 This week on Brew Strong, Jamil and John channel their inner Jay Goodwin and provide answers to a wide range of sour beer, barrel aging, and wild yeast questions.
Practical aspects of barrel aging part 1 and part 2 2019-12 Jamil and John Palmer discuss the practical aspects of barrel aging beer.
Brewing With Kveik Yeast 2021-01 Introduction to brewing with kveik with Richard Preiss of Escarpment Laboratories.
Historic Beer styles With Fal Allen 2022-12 Historical beers have never received the attention they deserve. On today’s show, Jamil and Fal talk about some of the old styles that have fallen out of favor over the years, and why that might be. Fal talks about his experiences brewing ancient beer styles, and why he’s committed to making more.

Hop and Brew School

Title Date (year-month) Notes
Hops and Sour Beer 2019-05 Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing, Jay Goodwin from The Rare Barrel and Charlie Johnson from the Ronin Fermentation Project join us to talk about hops and sour beer! The three great brewing minds mix it up with hosts Nick Zeigler and Justin Crossley and cover the gamut of hop usage in sour and spontaneous fermentation craft beer. They even dive into some experimental topics, such as whether or not hop creep is enough to bottle condition beer without adding priming sugar.


Title Date (year-month) Notes
The Beer Temple Ep #300 - The Rise and Fall of American Wild Ale w/ Paul Arney, Vinnie Cilurzo, Ron Jeffries, and John Laffler. 2023 For episode 300 we have a stacked panel in to discuss one of the most precipitous rise and falls in modern craft beer. No punches are pulled as we discuss the origins of these beers, why they became the darling of the craft beer world, and their fall from grace - all with input from people who were there to experience it first hand. Plus we talk about why this fall might ultimately be a good thing, and reasons to feel optomistic about the future of some of the most complex and beautiful beers ever created.
The Beer Temple Ep # 272 Hot Take History - Lambic and Gueuze. 2023 Interview with Roel Mulder about the history of lambic with an emphasis on Raf Meert's new book, "Lambic".
BierTalk English 13 – Talk with Raf Meert, historian and "The Lambic Mythbuster" from Brussels. 2022 Interview with Raf Meert, author of "Lambic - The Untamed Brussels Beer: Origin, Evolution, and Future."
Ep. 111 - Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Wild Ales. 2021 Discussing blending methods, fermentation techniques, dry hopping, and more.
Drink Beer Think Beer "Ep. 89 - Joel Stickrod of Barrique Brewing & Blending". 2021 Good blending notes and working with whole fruit.
False Bottom Girls Podcast: Podcast Episode 25 Lactobacillus, Episode 26 Pediococcus, and Episode 27 Brettanomyces 2020 In depth discussion episodes on kettle souring, Brettanomyces, and Pediococcus.
GBH Podcast: OL-011 Claire Bullen Reads "A Fire Being Kindled—The Revolutionary Story of Kveik, Norway’s Extraordinary Farmhouse Yeast". 2020 An overview of kveik, its discovery and spread, and scientific research.
GBH Podcast. EP-280 Lars Marius Garshol, Author and Blogger. 2020 Discussing the online Kornølfestival of 2020, kveik, and farmhouse brewing.
Kveik! Interview with Lars Marius Garshol and Richard Preiss. 2019 Garshol and Preiss talk about kveik and traditional Norwegian farmhouse ales, as well as Garshol's latest book, "Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing".
Interview with Kyle Pittser of Dionysus Brewing Co on Full Pint podcast. 2019 Kyle's sour brewing process and thoughts on various aspects of the industry including kettle sours, spontaneous fermentation, fermenting in plastic without temperature control, etc.
Mead House Podcast episode with Justin Amaral from Mainiacal Yeast Labs. 2018 Discussion about spontaneous and wild fermentation of meads. Interview starts at ~10 mins.
Mead House Podcast episode with Jeff Airman from Paradox Brewing Co. 2018 Discusses transforming fruit through salt curing, smoking, Lacto fermentation, acid and heat denaturing, drying, and spontaneously fermenting prior to adding them to beers.
Interview with Brandon Jones of Yazoo's Embrace The Funk Series on Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine's podcast. 2018 Discussion on sour beer terminology.
Interview with Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales Part 1 and Part 2. 2018 Discusses experimental wild beers and Norwegian style farmhouse ales.
Southern California Homebrewers Festival 2018; "Homebrew Club Barrel Projects & Mixed-Fermentation Brewing" 2018 Panel discussion on club sour barrel projects with Andy Carter of Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts, Andy Gamelin of Société du Lambic, Dan Pixley of Milk The Funk, and Kevin Osborne owner of Cellador Ales.
Podcast Episode 28: De Garde’s Trevor Rogers: The Evolution of Their Spontaneous Process 2018 Partially focused on business and marketing, partly on spontaneous fermentation process.
New Belgium's Wood Cellar Director & Blender Lauren Limbach (Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast Episode 21) 2018 Discussion on managing a large barrel/foeder program, changes to the program, and more recent sensory and analysis of beers produced by the program at New Belgium.
Mitch Ermatinger on Good Beer Hunting Podcast. 2018 Discusses the business and craft culture of sour beer in Michigan and in general.
Yvan De Baets of De La Senne on Good Beer Hunting Podcast. 2017 Discussion of Belgian beer history, including lambic and saison.
The Beerists 243 - Sour Beer Talk with Jester King and Blue Owl. 2016 Touches on sour beer categories.
Vestkast Episode 19: interview with Lars Marius Garshol on history of farmhouse ales. 2016 Spoken in Norwegian.
Smak Selv Sour Rangers 2016 This podcast is mostly in the Norwegian language, although Episode 2 is in an interview with Michael Tonsmeire and in English. Podcast only about sour beer. Episode 1 is about Kveik, but is in Norwegian.
Brew Talk Online 2016-02 Interview with local homebrewer Richard Sigesmund. Richard is a well versed homebrewer and actually spent a couple weeks in Belgium interning with De Struise, and touring around. Check out his recap, and what he learned from the best of the best in Belgium. Sour talk starts ~23 minutes.
The Tap handle Show - Interview with Lance Shaner of Omega Yeast Labs 2015-11 Founder and CEO Lance Shaner received a Ph.D. in microbiology and molecular genetics from the University of Texas – Houston. Lance has 9 years of laboratory experience, including 5 years of original research on the stress response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (a.k.a. brewer’s yeast). Lance has been an avid homebrewer for 14 years and continues actively homebrewing today.
Brew Talk Online - Escarpment Yeast Labs interview 2015-08 In this episode we talk to the boys from Escarpment Labs, about cultivating yeast, managing yeast and bacteria cultures, and what you can do to improve your homebrew and harvest your own yeast at home. http://www.escarpmentlabs.com for more info, or check the out on twitter, facebook, and instagram.
Garrett Crowell & Adrienne Ballou on Mixed Culture Fermentation 2014 Recently, Jester King Head Brewer Garrett Crowell and Barrel Program Head Adrienne Ballou gave a talk on mixed culture fermentation at the Austin Fermentation Festival. Here is the audio from the talk, where Garrett and Adrienne discuss how Jester King goes about fermenting its beers, how its mixed culture of yeast and bacteria was created, and what mixed culture fermentation means to us. We hope you enjoy listening!
Under My Host N/A Interviews recommended by Art Whitaker: Russian River, Allagash, Lost Abbey, and Jolly Pumpkin, among others [2].
Sveriges Bryggradio (Swedish Brewing radio) 2012-10 Interview with Chad Yacobson. The podcast is in Swedish, but the interview starts at 20:40.

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