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This is a new page for wiki editors that explains how to create a new page, and what the standardized structure is for our pages. Having a somewhat universal structure to our pages will make them more readable and easier to browse. There will always be an exception to these rules, and we always prefer to have information available even it is incomplete or not well formatted, but these guidelines should be followed whenever possible. This guide doesn't cover how to actually edit the wiki. For that, please see the Help section of the wiki.

Goal of the wiki

We currently see the wiki as having three different functions:

  1. Being a general guide and learning tool (Wort Souring page, for example).
  2. Being a place to track and catalog information (culture charts, secondary metabolites, etc).
  3. Being a place to track the information shared by reputable Milk The Funk members. Note that there is a fine line between "internet lore", "personal opinion", and "valuable insight". This has been a delicate road to walk, but I feel like we have some real experts who's opinions can be quoted. When referencing these things, make it clear that it was stated by the person who stated it. This gives them the responsibility for saying it!
  4. Cataloging outside information. There is a plethora of outside information. It is up to us to filter it out, organize it, and deem it worthy of linking to on this wiki.

Format and Structure Defined

Before you make a page

First, search the wiki to make sure there is not already a page for the subject you are creating, or a page where the new information might fit. If a suitable page cannot be found, start thinking about what Categories the new page will fit. Avoid making new Categories if possible, and only make one if there really is no other category for the new page. Category page names should be fully spelled out and not abbreviated.

General Structure

A good starting point is to copy and paste this text into the body of the new page you are creating:

(In progress) First, define '''new_page_subject'''.

==Major Heading==
(To do)
===Sub Heading===
(To do)

==See Also==
===Additional Articles on MTF Wiki===
* [[Mixed Fermentation]]

===External Resources===
* [ Example link.]



The above code is a good template for new pages. The starting definition should be replaced, as well as the headings. The "See Also" part creates a section for internal links and external links. Promoting other pages on the wiki is a good idea, so be liberal with this section. The References part takes care of itself, all you have to do is use the <ref></ref> tags. Also, remember to plug in that Category. Every page should have at least one Category.

General Format

To begin, a good article to look at that contains the structure we are looking for is the Mixed Fermentation page. It has some good examples of what we are looking for. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Editors should write articles using straightforward, succinct, easily understood language and structure articles with consistent, reader-friendly layouts and formatting.
  2. Begin the page with a definition of the subject of the page, with the first mention of the subject being bolded.
  3. Technical terms should be italicized or quoted.
  4. Inner wiki page links should be used whenever possible. This promotes views on other pages.
  5. References should be used whenever possible, even if the wiki editor is an expert on the subject. Doing so gives the readers a source for the information presented on this wiki. For reference format, please read Regarding Referencing Style.
  6. Use "(To do)" and "(In progress)" to indicate if sections of a page are not complete.
  7. Make use of tables, images, and bullets when possible.
  8. Look at the wiki markup of Mixed Fermentation and Lactobacillus pages for other ideas on how to format certain things.
  9. All entries should be spell checked and grammar checked.


Our general practice is to provide references for information presented on this wiki. We will cite academic and peer-reviewed publications or other reliable published sources when possible. However, due to the nature and current status of this craft, there are various potentially helpful sources of information that are not or cannot be peer reviewed or sometimes even published. Because of this we occasionally reference the personal experiences of our members, citing either blogs and other online articles, or posts on the Milk The Funk Facebook page. We leave it to the reader to decide whether or not the information from such references is valid. (Note that when a reference links to the MTF Facebook page, wiki readers will not be able to access it unless they are members of the group on Facebook.)

We generally use Wikipedia's inline citation method of referencing. Specifically, we use the full numbered footnotes style, otherwise known as "Shortened notes". Hyperlinked numbers will appear inline as superscripts following a sentence or paragraph, and will link directly to footnotes at the bottom of the page which list the full citation. Due to the limited number of wiki editors and the limited time that they volunteer to write for this wiki, references may not be formatted to a scholarly standard, but they should always give enough information so that readers can easily track down the references themselves. If a particular sentence does not have an inline superscript number reference, look for it at the end of the paragraph or after successive sentences.

Look at pages such as Brettanomyces or Lactobacillus to see how our referencing style works as far as format and markup.

Example wiki markup:

A single occurrence of a reference on one page:

<ref>[ Milk The Funk.]</ref>

Reference the same source multiple times on a one page:

First reference: <ref name="name_of_ref">[ Milk The Funk.]</ref>

Subsequent references: <ref name="name_of_ref" />

Other Guidelines

  • Be aware of all of the other pages that are on the wiki so that they can be cross referenced if needed on your new page.
  • Ask fellow wiki editors and the main MTF group to proof read your writing, and check for factual consistencies.
  • Expect that your work can be edited by anyone on the wiki team. However, please respect the previous editor's work. If changing a wiki page that someone else has been editing, the polite thing to do is to send them a message and get their feedback on your suggestions or changes.
  • General writing style should be as informational as possible, and as free from bias and personal opinion of the writer as possible. Instead, quote or reference the opinion of reliable and reputable sources.
  • Avoid re-writing material that is in brewing books such as America Sour Beers. We should supplement the information in these books, and citing too much information from a book might discourage sells of books and alienate their authors from our group!
  • Avoid using pseudonyms for scientific names. For example, instead of typing "Lacto", "Brett" or "Sacch", type "Lactobacillus", "Brettanomyces", and "Saccharomyces". Scientific names should be italicized and otherwise formatted as per binomial nomenclature. Occurrences of pseudonyms on the wiki should be corrected.