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This page contains a collection of informational videos for sour and funky brewing.

MTF Live

Live Q&A panels conducted by Art Whitaker broadcasted on the MTF Facebook group (change "Realtime Comments" to "Most Recent" to see all comments without playing the video). Also, check out our podcast and our YouTube channel.

Guest Speaker(s) Overview/Notable Subjects Covered Date
We interview Jerry Franck on his soon to be released movie "Bottle Conditioned" a documentary on the Lambic producers of the Senne Valley in Belgium. See for showings, and the preview. 03/19/2023
Dr. Javier Carvajal Barriga gave a presentation on the reanimation of yeast and the quest to find and brew a beer with yeast from the first brewery in the America's in Quito, Ecuador. We asked microbiologists Dr. Matt Humbard and Dr. Bryan Heit to field questions to Dr. Barriga, as the idea of resuscitating very old yeast has been met with a lot of skepticism among microbiologists in the MTF community (specifically the "shipwreck" yeasts in the UK). His technology is very impressive indeed! Dr. Barriga also uses this novel technology to work with the NIH on Sars-COV-2 and HIV. 12/28/2022
Interview with MtFunker Giuseppe Caruso about his book "The Botany of Beer". Caruso gives a presentation about his exhaustive book on the botany of hundreds of plants that can be used in brewing. 11/29/2022
Authors Michael Tonsmeire and Scott Janish of Sapwood Cellars. Discussing fermentation approaches, failed fermentations, thiols in sour beers, and many more topics with Art Whitaker and Matt Humbard. 03/11/2022
Book authors Stan Hieronymus and Ron Pattinson. Q&A on hop science and English beer history. Begins at about 8 minutes into the video. 02/10/2022
Cider Makers Tariq Ahmed from Revel Cider, Amie Fields and Lyndon Smith from Botanist and Barrel, and Brian Wing from Green Bench Brewing Co. with guest co-host Colin Burton. Discussing spontaneous and wild fermented cider. 03/24/2021
Mike Matucheski and Brandon Jones. See also the MTF thread 5 years prior that kicked off the hunt to find out who this ground breaking homebrewer was. An evening with the legendary homebrewer who made American wild ales in the 1980's, and later became an award winning master cheesemaker at Sartori Cheese. 03/11/2021
Live with guest speaker microbiologist Dr. Bryan Heit of Sui Generis Brewing blog. Bryan discusses his controlled experiments on re-pitching Lallemand's Philly Sour and the effect of pitch rate, oxygen, and glucose. 02/13/2021
MTF Live with Gordon Strong of the BJCP, Sandy Cockerham of the BJCP, Em Sauter of Pints and Panels, and Brandon Plyler of Edmund's Oast. We discuss changes to the 2015 BJCP Guidelines for sour beer styles, and offer tips and guidance for judging mixed fermentation beers. 07/15/2020
Daniel Ramiro-Mean Sardine from Ericeira, Portugal; Joshua Wheeler from Cyclic Beer Farm, Barcelona Spain; Rafale Rogel from Brewhands-Maia, Portugal. We chat with some brewers from the Iberian peninsula about making mixed fermentation style beer in their regions. How COVID-19 is affecting their businesses and other topics. 06/05/2020
Gean Carlo Vila Lobus of Locomotive Cerveja Artesanal, Diego Simão Rzatki of Cervejaria Cozalinda, Andre Junqueira of Morada Cia Etílica and Fabricio F Almeida of ZalaZ. The state of commercial mixed fermentation brewing in Brazil. We discuss their use of native yeasts and native Brazilian wood types. We also chat about the Catharina Sour and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Brazilian brewing community. 05/12/2020
Devon Lloyd from No Where Brewing, Anderson Olarte and Carla Cisneros from Victoria Chicha de Jora, Ximena Gloria chemical engineer and quality control supervisor at Barbarian Brewery and professor at Brewmart Peru. The state of sour beer and craft beer in different regions of Peru, as well as a discussion on modern and traditional chicha. 04/30/2020
Bob Sylvester of Saint Somewhere Brewing in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and many other saison/farmhouse brewers from across the US. Bob Sylvester discusses his "Farmhouse as F#&K Trois" event at Saint Somewhere Brewing in Florida, a collaborative brew day with farmhouse and saison brewers from across the country, and announces his retirement. Also interviews with guest brewers. 03/14/2020
Discussing saison and wild beer with Daniel Fernandez of Saison recipe design, catching wild yeast, and Ryan Steagall crashes the party. 02/01/2020
Lars Marius Garshol's first North American presentation on farmhouse brewing. Garshol's first ever presentation in NA on kveik and Norwegian/Baltics farmhouse brewing. Hosted by Burnt City Brewing and Omega Yeast Labs at District Brew Yards in Chicago. 09/07/2019
Ron Pattinson's lecture on "The Rise and Fall of Porter' hosted by Zebulon Artisan Ales and Mike Karnowski. A lecture on the history of porter by Ron Pattinson. Slides available here. 05/31/2019
Dr. John Janusek of the Vanderbilt Department of Anthropology on the history of beer in different cultures, and brewing Chicha by indigenous Brazilians by Dr. Beth Conklin of Vanderbilt's Department of Anthropology. The first presentation is a general history of brewing, and the second presentation is a detailed look at indigenous Brazilians and the cultural and spiritual significance of Chicha. 05/18/2019
Lance Shaner of Omega Yeast Labs. "The Future of Brewing Yeast". Kveik and other landrace yeast, wild yeast, yeast hybrids, and genetically modified yeast. 04/16/2019
John Rowley of Rowly Farmhouse Ales. 07/16/2018
Southern Brewers Conference 2017 08/25/2017
James Howat from Black Project Spontaneous Ales, Mitch Ermatinger from Speciation Artison Ales, Eddie Chimi and Derrick Morse of Mantra Artison Ales, John and Nate from Freewill Brewing Co., Brandalynn Armstrong from Armstrong Brewing Co. Wide range of topics, including what threats each brewer perceives is the greatest to their business, solera processes, fruiting processes, microbe management and pitching methods, QC for sour beer and clean beer production in the same facility, etc. 05/04/2017
"North of the Border". Tariq Ahmed (owner of Revel Cider), Richard Preiss (cofounder of Escarpment Labs), Mark Horsley (Brewmaster at Bench Brewing), Kevin Freer (Brewmaster at Block 3 Brewing), Matthew Gibson (manager of corporate sales and marketing at Nickel Brook Funk Lab). Ontario, Canada sour/wild brewing scene discussion, both beer and "wild" cider. Richard touches on kveik and obscure microbes. 04/10/2017
Brandon Jones of Yazoo Brewing Co and Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel. MTF/Embrace The Funk Collaboration. 03/03/2017
Bob Sylvester of Saint Somewhere Brewing, Khris Johnson of Green Bench Brewery, Garrett Crowell formerly of Jester King, and Jake Miller formerly of Prairie (starts at ~22 minutes in). General FAQ, with insights on kettle souring and industry terminology debates. 02/07/2017
Eddie Chimi and the rest of the crew at Mantra Artisan Ales. The first coolship filling for Mantra Artisan Ales. 01/22/2017
Interview with David Thornton and Keston Helfrich of SouthYeast Labs and Carolina Bauernhaus Ales. Bioprospecting and local farmhouse brewing. 10/07/2016

Wiki Kwiki

Similar to the MTF Live videos, but smaller and also available on the MTF The Podcast.

Guest Speaker(s) Overview/Notable Subjects Covered Date
Dan Wade of Wooden Robot Brewery Foeder beer, brewing with local malts 06/05/2018

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