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A foeder (pronounced FOOD-er; sometimes spelled foedre or foudre ) is essentially a wooden barrel set on end used for either long term fermentation or primary fermentation and innoculations. A foeder can range in size from home brewer to commercial scale.



"As for the Foeders, you'll want to get the Foeder in place and swollen right away. Hot Liquor from your HLT will do the job. I really like to set up a CIP type loop. About 1 bbl of HLT liquor in the foeder then a loop with a spray ball up top in the foeder through the manway hole. Then we use a product called ACTO 140 sold by Berko chems [Birko Chemicals]. We loop that for about 30-60min. Then rinse with HLT liquor. Then if you can't purge with CO2 and fill with beer the next day we fill the Foeders up with potassium metabisulphite and citric acid. The rate is 2g of Kmeta and 1g of citric acid per litre of filtered water. Then keep this in the Foeder till you are ready to empty and fill with beer." - Chad Yakobson in an email to Brad Primozic; independently verified and approved for publication by Chad Yakobson in a private email with Dan Pixley [1].

As with barrels, thoroughly rinse the citric acid and potassium metabisulphite from foeders before filling them. Flush them with CO2 as well before using them if possible [2].

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The following businesses specialize in the crafting and/or selling of foeders.

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