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Pivotal Books

Several books have been published that go into depth about mixed fermentation.

Title Author Year Publisher ISBN-10 ISBN-13
3 Lambic-frontcover-apart 600x.png
Lambic: The Untammed Brussels Beer, Origin, Evolution, and Future
Raf Meert 2022 Serenidippo bv 9789464660470
Pattinson weisse book.jpg
Ron Pattinson 2022 Lulu 978-9490270421
Historical Brewing Techniques.jpg
Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing
Lars Marius Garshol 2020 Brewers Publications 1938469550 978-1938469558
Gose Book.jpg
Gose: Brewing a Classic German Beer for the Modern Era
Fal Allen 2018 Brewers Publications 1938469496 978-1938469497
American sour beers.jpg
American Sour Beers: Innovative Techniques for Mixed Fermentations
Michael Tonsmeire July 7, 2014 Brewers Publications 1938469119 978-1938469114
Gueze Kriek.jpg
Gueze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer
Jef Van den Steen Feburary 16, 2012 Lannoo Publishers 9020998765 978-9020998764
The Berliner Weisse.jpg
Die Berliner Weiße: Ein Stück Berliner Geschichte (Translated: The Berliner Weisse: A piece of Berlin history)
Annemüller, Manger, Lietz June, 2008 978-3-921690-58-1
Wild Brews: Beer Beyond the Influence of Brewer's Yeast
Jeff Sparrow May 25, 2005 Brewers Publications 0937381861 978-0937381861
Farmhouse Ales: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition
Phil Markowski November 17, 2004 Brewers Publications 0937381845 978-0937381847
Lambic styles.jpg
Lambic: Classic Beer Styles Series
Jean Guinard Janurary 26, 1998 Brewers Publications 0937381225 978-0937381229

Noteworthy Books

The below books have sections on wild/sour brewing, or contain non-brewing specific information that may still be of interest to sour brewers.

Title Author Year Publisher ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Notes
The Botany Of Beer.jpg
The Botany of Beer: An Illustrated Guide to More Than 500 Plants Used in Brewing
Giuseppe Caruso 2022 Columbia University Press Comprehensive compendium of the characteristics and properties of the plants used in making beer around the world.
Wild brews wise.png
Wild Brews: The craft of home brewing, from sour and fruit beers to farmhouse ales
Jaega Wise June 28, 2022 Kyle Books 0857837818 978-0857837813 Targets new homebrewers in teaching them various sour beer production methods with a mostly introductory approach.
Koji alchemy.jpg
Koji Alchemy: Rediscovering the Magic of Mold-Based Fermentation
Jeremy Umansky and Rich Shih May 6, 2020 Chelsea Green Publishing 160358868X 978-1603588683 The first book devoted to processes, concepts, and recipes for fermenting and culturing foods with koji, the microbe behind the delicious, umami flavors of soy sauce, miso, mirin, and so many of the ingredients that underpin Japanese cuisine.
Viking Age Brew.jpg
Viking Age Brew: The Craft of Brewing Sahti Farmhouse Ale
Mika Laitinen June 4th, 2019 Chicago Review Press 1641600470 978-1641600477 An accurate look at the historical style of Finnish Sahti.
Belgian Beer Tested And Tasted.jpg
Belgian Beer: Tested and Tasted
Miguel Roncoroni, Kevin Verstrepen December 10th, 2018 Lannoo Publishers 940145289X 978-9401452892 Kevin Verstrepen and Miguel Roncoroni put 250 Belgian beers to the test in their lab, resulting in a complete encyclopedia with scientific analyses of the taste and aroma profiles and the chemical composition of beer.
Historic German and Austrian Beers.jpg
Historic German and Austrian Beers for the Home Brewer
Andreas Krennmair February 24, 2018 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC Divided into four categories - Bavarian beers, German white beers, German brown beers, and Austrian beers - this book gives a detailed introduction into the history of German beer and how it was brewed centuries ago, from Bavarian lager beer and Weissbier to Broyhan, Kottbusser Bier, Berliner Braunbier, Mannheimer Braunbier, Carinthian Stone Beer and more.
The Wildcraft Brewer.jpg
The Wildcraft Brewer: Creating Unique Drinks and Boozy Concoctions from Nature's Ingredients
Pascal Baudar February 12, 2018 Chelsea Green Publishing 1603587187 978-1603587181 The art of brewing doesn’t stop at the usual ingredients: barley, hops, yeast, and water. In fact, the origins of brewing involve a whole galaxy of wild and cultivated plants, fruits, berries, and other natural materials, which were once used to make a whole spectrum of creative, fermented drinks.
Ancient brews.jpg
Ancient Brews: Rediscovered and Re-created
Patrick E. McGovern June 13, 2017 W. W. Norton & Company 0393253805 978-0393253801 Interweaving archaeology and science, McGovern leads us on his adventures to China, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Scandinavia, Honduras, Peru, and Mexico. We share in his laboratory discoveries, including an early Neolithic “cocktail” from China made of wild grapes, hawthorn fruit, rice, and honey; an elite New World cacao beverage that gods and kings delighted in; and the Midas Touch of central Turkey. These liquid time capsules defied modern conventions by mixing wines, beers, meads, and botanicals together into heady, delicious extreme beverages.
Brewing Local.jpg
Brewing Local: American-Grown Beer
Stan Hieronymus October 7, 2016 Brewers Publications 1938469275 978-1938469275 Stan examines the history of how distinctly American beers came about, visits farm breweries, and goes foraging for both plants and yeast to discover how brewers are using ingredients to create unique beers. The book introduces brewers and drinkers to how herbs, flowers, plants, trees, nuts, and shrubs flavor unique beers.
Gårdsøl det norske øle
Lars Marius Garshol September, 2016 Cappelen Damm 978-8202517465 Garshol's book on Norwegian farmhouse ales and kveik yeast. Currently only available on Norwegian. See also this post on Garshol's blog, and Kveik.
The Homebrewers Almanac.jpg
The Homebrewer's Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to Making Your Own Beer from Scratch
Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon, Ryan Tockstein September 13, 2016 Countryman Press; 1 edition 1581573499 978-1581573497 Homebrewing farmhouse-style beers using locally sourced or foraged ingredients, including an overview of plants in certain regions of the USA, as well as methods for harvesting and preserving.
Wood beers book.jpg
Wood & Beer: A Brewer's Guide
Dick Cantwell and Peter Bouckaert June 7, 2016 Brewers Publications; 1 edition 1938469216 978-1938469213 This book covers not only the history, physiology, microbiology, and flavor contributions of wood, but also the maintenance of wooden vessels. Explore the many influences of wood as a vehicle for contributing tremendous complexity to beers fermented and aged within it.
The New Wildcrafted Cuisine.jpg
The New Wildcrafted Cuisine: Exploring the Exotic Gastronomy of Local Terroir
Pascal Baudar March 24, 2016 Chelsea Green Publishing 1603586067 978-1603586061 A book about foraging ingredients for fermentations such as vinegars and primitive beers.
Speed Brewing.jpg
Speed Brewing: Techniques and Recipes for Fast-Fermenting Beers, Ciders, Meads, and More
Mary Izett June 15, 2015 Voyageur Press 0760347379 978-0760347379 In Speed Brewing, author Mary Izett shows you how to make it happen. Whether you're a new or experienced brewer, you'll find time-saving techniques and recipes that save hours on brew day. You'll also find beers, ciders, and meads that pack big flavors but ferment quickly. Lesser-known fast fermentables--boozy kombucha, kefir beer, spirited sodas, and more--ensure there are plenty of exciting experiments for even the most creative brewer. Whether you decide to brew the Bia Hoi, Smoked Summer Ale, or Strawberry-Peppercorn Short Mead, weeknights will never be the same.
Lithuanian Beer.jpg
Lithuanian Beer: A Rough Guide
Lars Marius Garshol December 6, 2014 Self published NA NA Lithuania has one of the most interesting beer cultures on earth, but it's a beer culture that is almost wholly unknown outside the country itself. This guide explains what is so special about Lithuanian beer and helps you choose the right places to go and the right beers to drink. See Kindle edition and the free digital edition.
Wine science.jpg
Wine Science: The Application of Science in Winemaking
Jamie Goode April 3, 2014 Mitchell Beazley 1845338782 NA Written in a uniquely accessible style, the book is divided into three sections covering the vineyard, the winery and human interaction with wine. It also features over 80 illustrations and photographs to help make even the most complex topics clear, straightforward and easy to understand.
The Homebrewers Guide.jpg
The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer: Rediscovered Recipes for Classic Brews Dating from 1800 to 1965
Ronald Pattinson January 1, 2014 Quarry Books; Spi edition 1592538827 978-1592538829 Recipes based on original brewing logs, along with historical background. Many of these beers would have undergone mixed fermentation, particularly the stock ales and porters. Also includes extinct European styles of sour ale (Broyhan, Kotbusser).
Authentic wine book.jpg
Authentic Wine: Toward Natural and Sustainable Winemaking
Jamie Goode February 12, 2013 University of California Press 0520275756 978-0520275751 Drawing on a global array of examples and anecdotes, Goode and Harrop examine complex concepts—terroir, biodynamics, and sustainability—in clear language. They also discuss topics including cultured and wild yeasts, wine “faults,” the carbon footprint of the wine industry, “natural” as a marketing concept, and more.
LambicLand: A Journey Round the Most Unusual Beers in the World
Webb, Pollard, and McGinn October 31, 2010 Cogan and Mater Ltd 0954778979 978-0954778972 A comprehensive guide to the beers, brewers, blenders, bars and bus routes of Brussels and Payottenland.
Brewing With Wheat.jpg
Brewing with Wheat
Stan Hieronymus March 16, 2010 Brewers Publications 0937381950 978-0937381953 Recipes and historical background for a range of traditional wheat beers that would have undergone mixed fermentations, including Berliner Weisse, Gose, Lichtenhainer, and Belgian White Ales.
Uncorking the past.jpg
Uncorking The Past: The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages
Dr. Patrick E. McGovern October, 2009 University of California Press 9780520267985 Patrick E. McGovern, the leading authority on ancient alcoholic beverages, brings us up to date on what we now know about the creation and history of alcohol, and the role of alcohol in society across cultures.
Brewing Classic Styles.jpg
Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew
Zainasheff, Palmer October 25, 2007 Brewers Publications 0937381926 978-0937381922 Contains recipes and brewing advice for all the sour beer styles recognized in the 2008 BJCP guidelines.
Radical Brewing.jpg
Radical Brewing: Recipes, Tales and World-Altering Meditations in a Glass
Randy Mosher May 6, 2004 Brewers Publications 0937381837 978-0937381830 Includes background and recipes for various sour beer styles, such as lambics, Flanders ales, etc. Also some information on mixed fermentation, fruit additions, etc.
Sacred healing herbal beers.jpg
Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation
Stephen Harrod Buhner September 18, 1998 Brewers Publications 0937381667 978-0937381663 This is the first comprehensive book ever written on the sacred aspects of indigenous, historical psychotropic and herbal "healing" beers of the world. Recommended for the array of herb information; the beer recipes might be out-dated.

Science Textbooks

Title Author Year Publisher ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Notes
The Yeasts; 5th Edition Cletus Kurtzman, J.W. Fell, and Teun Boekhout 2011 Elsevier Science 978-0-444-52149-1 From the publisher: The Yeasts: A Taxonomic Study is a three-volume book that covers the taxonomic aspect of yeasts. The main goal of this book is to provide important information about the identification of yeasts. It also discusses the growth tests that can be used to identify different species of yeasts, and it examines how the more important species of yeasts provide information for the selection of species needed for biotechnology. • Volume 1 discusses the identification, classification and importance of yeasts in the field of biotechnology. • Volume 2 focuses on the identification and classification of ascomycetous yeasts. • Volume 3 deals with the identification and classification of basidiomycetous yeasts, along with the genus Prototheca.
Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology Kenneth Todar, PhD 2008-2012 Self Published NA NA This textbook has evolved from online and live-in-person lectures presented in my bacteriology courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Contains biochemical information on homofermentative vs heterofermentative LAB.
Illustrated Guide to Microbes and Sediments in Wine, Beer & Juice Charles G. Edwards 2005 WineBugs LLC 0977252205 978-0977252206 A microscope companion book that includes over 30 different species of yeast, bacteria and mold commonly associated with beverages, as well as frequently encountered sediments.
Yeasts: Characteristics and Identification 3rd Edition J.A. Barnett, R. W. Payne, and D. Yarrow 2000 Cambridge University Press; 3 edition 0521573963 978-0521573962 From the editor: This new edition of the most comprehensive yeast identification and reference manual ever published has been completely revised and expanded to include almost 100 additional species and nearly 500 additional photomicrographs. Over half of the volume is devoted to descriptions of the 678 currently recognized species, presented in a clear, easy to use layout and illustrated with over 1300 high quality photomicrographs. Readily usable keys and tables allow identification of all of the species described and a wealth of reference information broadens the scope of the book beyond identification.
Brewing Yeast and Fermentation 1st Edition David Quain, Christopher Boulton 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 1405152680 978-1405152686 This unique volume provides a definitive overview of modern and traditional brewing fermentation. Written by two experts with unrivaled experience from years with a leading international brewer, coverage includes all aspects of brewing fermentation together with the biochemistry, physiology and genetics of brewers' yeast. Brewing Yeast and Fermentation is unique in that brewing fermentation and yeast biotechnology are covered in detail from a commercial perspective.
Studies On Rum Rafael Arroyo 1945 University of Puerto Rico A pivotal study on the science of rum making, including microbiological data on non-conventional yeast and bacteria species for traditional rum fermentation.
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry Michael M. Cox, David L. Nelson, Albert L. Lehninger April 2004 Freeman & Company, W. H 0716743396 9780716743392 "Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, Fourth Edition" brings clarity and coherence to an often unwieldy discipline, while incorporating the field's most important recent developments and applications. Requires high quantities of caffeine in-take.
Molecular Cell Biology 9th Edition Harvey Lodish; Arnold Berk; Chris A. Kaiser; Monty Krieger; Anthony Bretscher; Hidde Ploegh; Kelsey C. Martin; Michael Yaffe; Angelika Amon Jan 2021 W. H. Freeman 1319208525 ‎ 978-1319208523 Molecular Cell Biology remains the most authoritative and cutting-edge resource available for the cell biology course.
Shomu's Biology (undergrad level online course material) NA 2012-Present NA NA NA Shomu’s Biology is a YouTube biology channel about free online courses in biology and free online biology lectures covering multiple biology fields like marine biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, ecology, forensic science, zoology, life science, synthetic biology, translation biology and so on.

Technical Winemaking Books

Title Author Year Publisher ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Notes
Knowing and making wine.jpg
Knowing and Making Wine, 1st Edition
Alan F. Spencer and Emile Peynaud October 24, 1984 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 047188149X 978-0471881490
Methods For Analysis Of Musts And Wines.jpg
Methods Analysis of Musts and Wines, 2nd Edition
C. S. Ough and M. A. Amerine March 18, 1988 Wiley-Interscience 0471627577 978-0471627579
Postmodern Winemaking.jpg
Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft, 1st Edition
Clark Smith November 2, 2013 University of California Press 0520282590 978-0520282599
Production Wine Analysis.jpg
Production Wine Analysis, 1990 Edition
Bruce W. Zoecklein December 31, 1990 Van Nostrand Reinhold 0442234635 978-0442234638
Biology of microorganisms on grapes in must and in wine.jpg
Biology of Microorganisms on Grapes, in Must and in Wine 2nd ed. 2017 Edition
Helmut König (Editor), Gottfried Unden (Editor), Jürgen Fröhlich (Editor) November 10, 2017 Springer 3319600206 978-3319600208

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