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Below is a list of online blogs that are either focused on sour/funky brewing or at least have substantial information on sour/funky brewing. We recommend using an RSS Reader software to keep track of blog articles.

List of Blogs

Name Author General Content and Highlights
Milk The Funk Community Blog Various Authors The community blog for the Milk The Funk Facebook group.
Brouwerij-Chugach Brian Hall Homebrewing lambic, blending, barrel information, bread/pizza making and beta tester for The Yeast Bay
A PhD in Beer Matt Humbard Microbiologist; wild brewing; isolating yeast
Bad Lee Brewed Lee Homebrew blog including some wild brewing; based in Thailand
Brain Sparging on Brewing Adam Kielich Small batch Solera and "gueuze" blending
Browne and Bitter Amos Browne Emphasis on wild saison brewing and historical brewing
Deeper Roots Brewing Sour brewing section that focuses on using bottle dregs
Sour Beer Blog Matt Miller and others Extensive commercial sour beer list and reviews, as well as sour homebrewing
Spontaneous Funk Michael Thorpe Wild homebrewing including spontaneous fermentation
Sui Generis Brewing Bryan Heit Wild brewing, yeast wrangling and culturing, and maintains a yeast bank for trade
The Mad Fermentationist Michael Tonsmeire Authority on sour brewing with extensive experimentation; author of "American Sour Beers"
The Mark of the Yeast Richard Preiss Emphasis on Brettanomyces, yeast wrangler, microscopy, and maintains a yeast bank for trading
Ale of the Riverwards Ed Coffey Sour and lambic brewing, beta tester for The Yeast Bay
Alpha Wolf Brewery Craig Wolf Yeast wrangling/hunting/slanting
Bikes Beer & Adventures Jeffrey Crane Professional brewer with sour homebrewing recipes using mixed fermentations, bottle dregs, and one gallon batches
BKYeast Dmitri PhD in Cell Biology; yeast culturing and isolation from commercial sours; maintains a yeast bank
Embrace The Funk Brandon Jones Professional brewer, extensive barrel information, sour brewing information, and pH readings of commercial sour beers
Lambic and Wild Ale Emphasis on lambic brewing and historical information about lambic/flanders brewing in Belgium
Ryan Brews Ryan Yeast culturing, experimental homebrewing, and sour brewing emphasis
Sour Beer and Wild Yeast Bryan Doty Amateur biologist focused on culturing and experimenting with cultures
Bear Flavored Derek Dellinger Wide variety of fermentation information
Bootleg Biology Jeff Mello Company that sells the DIYest kit for culturing wild yeast; maintains a yeast bank; how-to information for plate streaking, yeast management, etc.
Brew Science - Homebrewing Blog Jason Rodriguez Scientist turned homebrewer; scientific experiments with Brettanomyces and general brewing techniques; maintains a yeast bank
Hors Catégorie Brewing Dave Janssen A Chemist who specializes in brewing clean and funky saisons
Eureka Brewing Sam Scientist who isolates and experiments with wild yeasts and bacterias; has a yeast bank that testers have access to
Fermentology James Good section on wild brewing recipes and 100% Brett recipes, as well as yearly barrel aged sours and blends.
Microbus Brewery Rob General homebrewing blog that includes some sour brewing
DC Yeast Lab Yeast culturing and banking
Compare Beer Sour brewing experiments and homebrew barrel aging
Lewy Brewing Lewy Large collection of interesting homebrews, including sour dregs beers and 100% Brett fermentations
Small Place Big Brews Don Sour brewing including fruit lambics and blending
HophenTreader Joseph Lemnah Sour section with an emphasis on fruit and spices
Meta Brewing Smaller section of Brett and sour brewing
Dank Brewing Co. Nick Pederson Extensive sour, wild, and experimental brewing; opening a brewery
1227 Brewing Jeff Section on homebrewing sours
Chillindamos Sean Inspiring homebrew recipes with some sour brewing
The Brettanomyces Project Chad Yakobson Yakobson's dissertation and research on Brettanomyces
The Beer Minimum Stuart Grant Brew log of non-traditional fermentations with an emphasis on inspiration from commercial funky and sour beers
Scrappy Hound Brewing Patrick Dube Solera and Brett homebrewing
Larsblog Lars Marius Garshol Amateur Beer historian; touches on old techniques on farmhouse ales and wild yeast.
Fry Brews Mark Fry General homebrewing blog that includes some detailed sour brewing logs.
Five Blades Brewing Derek Springer A series on Sour Mashing, which was presented at NHC 2015.
American Lambic Matthew Flickinger A blog dedicated to sour homebrewing, including blending and barrel information, and long term experiments.
Kilned Brewing Evan Cooper Solera and sour brewing, as well as microbe culturing and microscopy.
Beer By Bart (sour beer tag) Steve Shapiro and Gail Ann Williams Includes details on Gail's sour brewing with spaghetti as per her interview with BasicBrewing.
Hive Mind Mead David Doucette Sour homebrewing, including fermenting mead with bacteria and Brett cultures.
The South House Pilot Brewery Kyle Kohlmorgen NHC presenter; blog focused on sour and funky brewing.
The Farmhouse Obsession Andrew "Gus" Addkison Focus on Saison and Farmhouse brewing.
BeerMark (Sour tag) Matthew Riggs Sour section of his blog, including wild yeast capturing.
Farmhouse Beer Blog Topher Boehm Focused on farmhouse brewing; information and interviews of farmhouse breweries in the US and Europe.
Meek Brewing Co. Sour, saison, and Brett brewing.
Beezy Brews Adam Boura Homebrewer out of Pittsburgh, PA; funky, sour, and saison homebrewing.
Lo-Fi Brews Stefano Ricci Homebrewer from Italy. Blog is written in Italian.
Amber Waves Brewing Gabriel Gullbergh Homebrewing blog on sour and funky beers, attaining a 'terrior' using foraging/local ingredients, and fermented funky foods.
End Of Silence Brewing Justin Bruce Sour/wild section of a homebrew blog that focuses on sour brewing, blending, wild yeast culturing, and BJCP competition results.
Suregork Loves Beer Kristoffer Krogerus Homebrewing with an emphasis on biotechnology, DNA analysis, and microbiology.
Beer Diary Ethan Tripp Insights into solera and lambic-style spontaneous fermentation.
Dry Brewing Yeasts for Sour Ales blog Barrett Tillman Barrett of Dry Yeast for Sour Ales BlackManYeast homebrewing blog section focused on wild brewing.
In Bounds Brewing Dan Advanced Homebrew blog which includes articles on homebrewed lambic.
BrewMinds Jhon Campbell Experimentional homebrews with probiotics and wild meads.
Woodsbrewing - Homebrewing Experiments David Woods A homebrewer documenting his journey into sour brewing.
Gremlyn's Beer Blog Colin Burton A homebrewer souring with wild caught microbes to create a solera.
Karen's Wild Ales: Fermenting Raw Materials since 1960 Karen Palcho A focus on brewing wild ales with Brettanomyces.
Barlow Brewing Jamey Barlow Homebrewing blog section on sour and funky brewing.
Brewing Adobe Michael Cook Insightful, advanced, and experimental homebrewing.
Third Leap Andrew Kazanovicz Emphasize on foraging and wild yeast/LAB catching.
Kveik World Order DeWayne Schaaf Blog about DeWayne's experiences with Kveik yeast.
Funky Flower Beer Stephen Hudson Focus on using the wild local micro-flora of East Sussex.
Brewing Nordic Mika Laitinen Homebrewing in Nordic and Baltic farmhouse ale tradition, and other historic farmhouse styles. Benedikt Koch Historical research on Gose and Berliner Weisse.
Archaic Persuit: A Brewing Blog Caleb Buck Homebrewing blog focused on rustic, sour, funky, and wild beers.
Lost Beers Roel Mulder Researching the detailed history of beer.
Microbe Brewer Matthew Peetz Personal blog of microbiologist and owner of Propagate yeast lab.

Overly Informative Commercial Brewery Blogs

Brewery General Content and Highlights
Handsome Beer Company Microbiology-centric blog posts by Dr. Matt Humbard.
Jester King Presentations, recipes, processes on wild brewing.
Funk Factory Professional brewer focused on lambic brewing; maintains an extensive Brettanomyces Strain Guide (borrowed for this wiki).
The Referend Bier Blendery Creative blend of spontaneous fermentation and farmhouse brewing processes with detailed narratives.
42 North Brewing Company Sour brewing methodologies explained in detail and barrel operations.

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