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Every year the American Homebrewers Assocation hosts HomebrewCon (formerly the "National Homebrewers Conference"). This is a list of seminars that were given at past conferences that involve sour/funk brewing.

All seminars are located on the AHA website, and require a membership to the American Homebrewers Association to access: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/seminars/



  • Brettanomyces: From Spoilage Organism to Rising Star! by Hugo Picard
  • Exploring the Wild Side of Spontaneous Fermentation by Chris Leguizamon and Winslow Sawyer
  • Fruit, Fruit, Fruit! A Practical Guide to Modern Fruit Brewing Techniques by Bret Kollmann Baker
  • The Hunter of the Lost Beers: A Trip Back into Extinct Beer Styles of Germany and Its Surroundings by Jan Brücklmeier


  • Ancient Grains: Brewing Traditional African Beer at Home by Lucy Corne
  • Blending Sour Beer for the Homebrewer by Aaron DeBoer, Matt Johnson
  • Lambics and Flanders for Dummies: An Average Homebrewer’s Sour Beer Journey by Dr. Chris Meta
  • Next Level Koji: Non-Traditional Koji Fermentation for Brewers by Matt Firetto


  • Brewing the Silk Road: Experimental Fermentations in Ancient Chinese Koji Beer and Mongolian Fermented Milk by Lucas Livingston
  • Raw Ale: Spicing Up Your Beer By Not Boiling by Lars Marius Garshol
  • Saison – the Myth, the Legend and What to Do About It. by Drew Beechum
  • White Koji: A unique ingredient for quick sour beers by Todd Bellomy


  • British Fungus: Brettanomyces in British Brewing by Ron Pasttinson
  • Méthode Traditionelle: Brewing in the Champagne Method by Annie Johnson (referring to the traditional Champagne method)
  • Oven Beers: Historical Brewing Techniques by Lars Marius Garshol
  • The Wonderful World of Kveik by Chris Saunders


  • Brewing Sour Beer at Home: Coolships, Wild Strains, and Commercial Sources by Dr. Douglas Gladue
  • Flavor Impacts of Brett Fermentation under Pressure by Jonah Greenbaum-Shinder & Chris Saunders of Escarpment Labs
  • How to Facilitate a Club Barrel-Aging Program and Produce Quality Beer by Aaron De Boer & Matt Johnson
  • Improving the Quality of Your Sour Beer through Blending by Chris Rabeau
  • Physiology of Alternative Yeasts and Bacteria: How to Use Unique Organisms to Emphasize Flavors in Beer by Dr. Matthew Humbard
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus: The Story of a Contaminant Yeast That Shook the Brewing World by Seth Clearwater & Katelyn Roberts
  • Yeast Harvesting, Banking, and Quality Control by Eric Lowe


  • Aging Beer in a Barrel or Wood Alternatives from Stouts to Sours by Dr. Douglas Gladue
  • Beasts and Bugs: Using the Science of Kombucha in Brewing Beer by James Czar
  • Biggest Mistakes in Sour Beer Making by Jay Goodwin
  • Bringing a Brewery Quality Control Lab into Your Home by Dr. Kevin McCabe (free presentation material here)
  • Imbibing in Ancient Iberia: Celtic to Flemish Brewing and Beyond by Travis Rupp
  • Kettle Souring: Four Brewers’ Different Approaches by Adam Rabbings, Ben Edmunds, Ben Love, Sean Burke (editor's note: in our opinion, some information in this talk is superseded by the information on this wiki)
  • Sour Power! A Pro Brewer Spontaneous Fermentation Roundtable by Averie Swanson, Dave Logsdon, James Howat, Jeff Mello, and Trevor Rogers
  • The "Sour" in Sour Beers: Microbiology Sensory Perception and Styles by Robert Hall
  • Wild Beer Curling: Course Correcting and Guiding Your Beer to Success by Shilpi Halemane
  • Yeast Genome Changes During Serial Repitching by Maitreya Dunham


  • Achieving the Flavor Profile You Want from the Microorganisms in Your Homebrew by Dr. Douglas Gladue
  • Against the Grain: Wood Aging and Barrel Alternatives by Matthew Del Fiacco
  • Becoming a Better Beer Judge Amanda Burkemper (contains a section on mixed fermentation beers)
  • Beer Blending Tips and Techniques by Aaron Hyde
  • Brewing Berliner Weisse: Moving Beyond Kettle Souring by Jace Marti
  • Embrace Your Inner Nerd: Simple Steps to Setting up a Home Lab by Zachary Taggart
  • Fermenting All of It! Filling the Table with Home Fermented Goodness by John Wilson, Brian Wolf
  • Lagers to Lambic: Hard Stuff the Easy Way by Derek Springer, Brian Hall
  • Use of Dry Yeast for Fermentation and Bottle Conditioning by Jennifer Helber
  • Using Trees in Unsual Ways to Create Unique Flavor Profiles by Marika Josephson, Aaron Kleidon


  • A Timeline for Sour Beer: How to get the Flavors you Want, When you Want Them by Brian Hall
  • Beers That Flunked The Reinheitsgebot— Or How to Brew with Ingredients from Your Yard Without Killing Your Neighbors by Stan Hieronymus
  • Brewing Grisette and Saison: Insight from Historical Records and Modern Producers by David Janssen
  • Brewing Wild by John Wilson and Brian Wolfe
  • Contemporary Experiments in Ancient Brewing by Steve Hulbert and Ben Freund
  • Farmhouse Sabbatical: What I’ve Learned from Brewing Saison (And Only Saison) by Kyle Kohlmorgen
  • Homebrew Bloggers Roundtable by Derek Springer, Marshall Schott, Ed Coffey and Matt Humbard
  • Hoppy Sour Beers: Taking the Bitter out of IPA by Michael Tonsmeire
  • Launching a Communal Sours Program by Andy Gamelin
  • Phenolic Compounds in Beer: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Mike Lentz
  • Small Barrel Strategies by James Shamas and CJ Shamas
  • Trouble-Free Tart Beers: Alternative Souring Methods by Mary Izett
  • What is Wild Yeast, Where is It, and How do you Brew With It? Jeff Mello



  • Barrel Aging – Using Spirits Barrels and Blending Sour Ales in Wood by Brett Vanderkamp & Jason Salas
  • Bootleg Brew Science by Jeff Mello
  • Musing on Barrel Aging from a Homebrewer by Chris Frey
  • The Influence of Mashing on Sour Beer Production by Michael Tonsmeire
  • The Shenanigans of Barrel Aging by Jason Heystek & Brett Kosmicki
  • Yes, Funky Sour Meads by Michael Fairbrother


  • Alternative Wood Aging Techniques by John Gasparine (audio only)
  • Methods of Creating and Maintaining a Wild House Culture by Kyle Kohlmorgen


  • A Perspective on Brewing Berliner Weisse-style Beer by Jess Caudil & Jason Kahler


  • Brewing with Brett by Chad Yakobson

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